Djiboutian general election, 1987

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General elections were held in Djibouti on 24 April 1987 to elect a President and National Assembly. In the presidential election the only candidate was incumbent Hassan Gouled Aptidon of the People's Rally for Progress, the country's sole legal party. He was re-elected with 99.23% of the vote.[1] In the National Assembly elections the RPP put forward a list of 65 candidates for the 65 seats, which was approved by 98.6% of voters with a turnout of 88.69%.[2]



Choice Votes %
Hassan Gouled Aptidon 90,675 99.23
Invalid/blank votes 625 0.77
Total (turnout 90.5%) 91,300 100
Source: African Elections Database

National Assembly[edit]

Party Votes % Seats
People's Rally for Progress 88,193 100 65
Invalid/blank votes 1,282 - -
Total 89,475 100 65


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