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The surname Dodd is one of the first names recorded and is of Anglo-Saxon origin, stemming from a description of something round or plump.[1]

Notable people with the surname include:


Performing and modelling:

Sports figures:

Creators of expressive works:

  • Bella Dodd (1904–1969), author
  • Derrick Dodd, the pen-name of Frank Harrison Gassaway, American humorist and poet
  • Ed Dodd (1902–1991), American cartoonist
  • Francis Dodd (1874–1949), artist
  • Lamar Dodd (1909–1996), American painter
  • Lynley Dodd (born 1941), New Zealand children's writer
  • Maurice Dodd (1922–2005), English cartoonist
  • Robert Dodd (disambiguation), a number of people of the same name, including an American football coach, an American baseball player, a British marine painter and an English association footballer

Academics and educators:


  • Clifford Dodd, Australian radio executive
  • Coxsone Dodd (1932–2004), Jamaican record producer
  • David Owen Dodd (1846–1864), "Boy Martyr of the Confederacy", hanged as a Confederate spy in the American Civil War
  • Martha Dodd (1908–1990), American spy
  • Moses Woodruff Dodd (1813–1899), American publisher
  • Norman Dodd (1899–1997), Chief investigator for U.S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations (Reece Committee)
  • Ralph Dodd (1756—1822), English civil engineer and marine painter.
  • Sonora Smart Dodd (1882–1978), American activist and founder of Father's Day
  • Townsend F. Dodd (1886-1919), American Aviator, Colonel in the Army Air Service, first US Pilot to receive the Distinguished Service Medal in World War I
  • William Dodd (clergyman) (1729–1777), British religious leader, scholar and forger
  • Westley Allan Dodd (1961–1993), American serial killer

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