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Domeček (or Hradčanský domeček) is an informal name for a former small prison in Hradčany, district of Prague. The name in Czech means small house and refers to the size of the building.

Domeček, placed next to the building of a military court, had served as a military prison during the Austro-Hungarian period. It was used by the Gestapo during World War II and since 1948 the Czechoslovakian security service (StB) employed it as a secret prison. It hosted 30 solitary cells.

StB used the place for torture of political opponents, among them the officers of the pre-war army or members of the anti-nazi resistance.

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Coordinates: 50°05′23.9″N 14°23′31.6″E / 50.089972°N 14.392111°E / 50.089972; 14.392111