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DomiNations Logo
Big Huge Games
ReleaseApril 1, 2015 (2015-04-01)[1]
Mode(s)Massively multiplayer online game

DomiNations is a 2015 freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Nexon and Big Huge Games.[2] The game was released on April 1, 2015.[3]


A home base in DomiNations. The player is playing as Koreans and is in Enlightenment Age

Dominations is a massively multiplayer online game. Players build a base with defensive, economic, workshop, and unit training buildings along with several wonders and a Town Centre. After training appropriate troops, players search for suitable opponents to attack and gain loots and medals.

Players can choose to play as any of the 8 different nations - British, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean or Roman; and advance through 13 ages from Dawn age to Cold War age, expanding the base in each age.

There is also a single player campaign where players practice strategies by battling in a historical perspective. DomiNations introduced World War on December 2, 2015,[4] where two alliances combat for victory.

Update 4.7 'The High Seas!'[5] introduced Expeditions where players can send free villagers and a general on Exploration, which brings resources, mercenary armies, and new Troops and Blessings.


There are 8 nations to play as,[6] with each nation having their own advantage. Currently, the following nations are available in the game:

  • British - provides better loot/offense, archer have +1 range
  • Chinese - provide extra citizen, extra mercenary, extra defenders from town center
  • French - provides more allied troops capacity (+3, +3 after gunpowder age),20% shorter training time (barracks)
  • German - provides better offense, provides special tactic
  • Greek - provides better economy, refund some resources when construction is finished
  • Japanese -Makes town center shoot at invaders, longer peace treaties
  • Korean - refunds 10% loot (if you lose), extra war tactic
  • Roman - provides better offense, larger army

Each nation has one unique unit. Broadly speaking, German, Japanese and Roman have a unique infantry, British, Chinese and Korean have a unique archer, and French and Greek have a unique cavalry. As the game advances, the French and Greek unique units are both changed from "horse-riding" to "tank-driving".


Resources are used to upgrade buildings and troops, to research various enhancements, and train troops and tactics. The resources in the game are:

  • Food - Generated from Farms, Boars, Deer, Fruit Trees or shipments from the Mills, and battling
  • Gold - Generated from Caravans, Roads, Bears, Foxes, Bunnies, Gold Mines or shipments from the Markets, and battling
  • Oil - Generated from Oil Wells, Oil Seeps or shipments from the Oil Refinery, and battling (unlocked in enlightenment age)
  • Trade Goods - Obtained from Animals, Gold Mines, Fruit Trees, as gifts from the League Boat once daily, or shipments from the Store House also victory chest
  • National Trade Goods - Obtained at a fixed chance from beating other nations, each nation gives a different National Trade Good
  • Rubies - obtained by winning battles in World War
  • Crown - Obtained by hunting Stags and rewarded for game achievements

Except Rubies and Crowns, the resources are obtainable in huge amount from multiplayer battles. Rubies cannot be purchased for real money. Crowns can be purchased for real money.

National Trade Goods[edit]

National Trade Goods were introduced in v4.1.[7] These trade goods cannot be stolen from Storehouse, and can be used in the Embassy to form Coalitions.

  • Tea - from the Chinese
  • Timber - from the British
  • Cheese - from the French
  • Salt - from the Germans
  • Scrolls - from the Greeks
  • Silk - from the Japanese
  • Porcelain - from the Koreans
  • Marble - from the Romans


Players start with Dawn Age, which signifies the dawn of civilization. The purpose of this age is to provide a tutorial of the game. After this age, players advance to next ages by upgrading the Town Center. Each age unlocks new buildings and troops. Currently, the players can reach Cold War Age, which is the highest available age in the game.

From Dawn age to Stone age, players gather resources mainly in hunter-gatherer fashion. Starting from Bronze Age, players can loot from multiplayer battles. Similarly, every age correspond to a particular era of Human Civilization. In late 2016, the game has released a new update with the Atomic Age, allowing players to further progress.[8]

Ages in DomiNations
Town Center Level Name of the Age Significance
I Dawn Age Dawn of Human Civilization
II Stone Age Neolithic Era
III Bronze Age Bronze Age of Human Civilization
IV Iron Age Iron Age of Human Civilization
V Classical Age Around Classical Greece
VI Medieval Age Middle Ages of Europe
VII Gunpowder Age Early modern warfare involving Gunpowder artillery
VIII Enlightenment Age Modern age following Scientific revolution
IX Industrial Age From Industrial Revolution to World War I era
X Global Age Around Interwar to World War 2
XI Atomic Age Aftermath of World War II to 1959 (including the Korean War in the 1950s and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962)
XII Cold War Age No large-scale fighting directly between the Warsaw Pact and N.A.T.O. between 1960 and 1991 (the Vietnam war is considered a proxy war)
XIII Space Age (Announced)


The buildings are the basic building blocks of the game. The buildings resemble the architectural design of the civilization of the player, and their appearance change as the player advance through age. However, all players have same set of buildings. The most important building is the Town Center which defines the age of the gameplay. Other buildings are broadly classified into Economic, Defensive, and Military buildings. Players can choose to build a Wonder in Bronze, Classical, Gunpowder, Industrial, and Atomic age to enhance individual style of gameplay.

The buildings are suitably arranged and enclosed inside walls, and are connected to the Town Center using roads.

There is also an Alliance Gate through which players can join alliances with other players.


Buildings called wonders can be built to provide benefits.

They can be built every other age, Bronze, Classical, Gunpowder, Industrial, and Atomic.

The wonders in the Bronze Age are Acropolis, Stonehenge, Pyramids, and Hanging Gardens.

The Acropolis helps garrison production time, Stonehenge helps caravan revenue, the Pyramids help farm revenue, and the Hanging Gardens benefit fruit tree and gold mine collection.

The Wonders in the Classical Age are the Forbidden City, Colloseum, Notre Dame, and Terra Cotta Army.

The Forbidden City acts as a second town center, Norte Dame reduces troop upgrade cost, Colloseum provides attack bonuses (Strength of The Gladiatior) and acts like a garrison, and Terra Cotta army provides 20 extra troops once per day.

The Wonders in the Gunpowder Age are Versailles, Angkor Wat, Temple of Tikal, and Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal provides loot raiding bonuses, Angkor Wat heals defending troops, Temple of Tikal gives you extra trade goods, and Versailles slows down attacking troops in range.

The Wonders in the Industrial Age are Statue of Liberty, Brandenburg Gate, Eiffel Tower, and Kremlin.

The Statue of Liberty helps airplanes and gives oil, Brandenburg Gate helps factory troops and provides Blitzkrieg, that acts like a huge Sabotage, Kremlin helps defenses through farms, and the Eiffel Tower gives more vault capacity.

The Wonders in the Atomic Age are Pentagon, Atomium, United Nations, and Sydney Opera House.

The Pentagon acts as a second castle, the United Nations gives you national trade goods, the Sydney Opera House reduces expedition time, and the Atomium helps university research, and deactivates all wonders cooldowns once a week.


Players can train military units using food from barracks. The barracks provide 8 different troops, each with own strengths and weaknesses. Advanced military units can be trained from factory, and aerial units from airstrip using oil. As of April 6, 2016 release of version 4.7,[5] there are 5 kinds of factory units and 3 kinds of aerial units.

Players can train Generals from the castle and mercenaries from Mercenary camp. Unlike other units, surviving mercenary units cannot be reused. The Embassy allows coalitions to be formed with 8 different civilizations. These coalitions provide various bonuses during World War.

Alliance and World War[edit]

By rebuilding the Alliance Gate, players can join Alliances with other players. In Alliance, players can request and donate offensive troops. Update 3.0.x introduced World War,[9] where two alliances can engage in war with each other.[4]


As of April 2017, the game has over 32 million players worldwide, including 25 million players in the Western world, and it has grossed over $100 million in lifetime revenue.[10]

Reviewers have compared the game with Clash of Clans, and the reviewers generally do not regard the two games being too similar.[11][12][13][14] As of March 2016, the game had been downloaded over 19 million times.[15]


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