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Domination or dominant may refer to:


  • World domination, which is mainly a conspiracy theory
  • Colonialism in which one group (usually a nation) invades another region for material gain or to eliminate competition
  • Chauvinism in which a person or group consider themselves to be superior, and thus entitled to use force to dominate others
  • Sexual dominance involving individuals in a subset of BDSM behaviour
  • Hierarchy


  • Dominant (music), a diatonic scale step and diatonic function in tonal music theory





  • Dominant wind, winds that blow predominantly from a single general direction over a particular point on the Earth's surface
  • Dominance (linguistics), a relationship between syntactic nodes


  • Dominance (genetics), one allele is expressed over a second allele at the same locus
  • Footedness, the natural preference of one's left or right foot
  • Handedness, a better performance or preference for use of a hand
  • Ocular dominance, the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other
  • Dominance (ecology), the degree to which a taxon is more numerous than its competitors in an ecological community


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