Don Bartlett

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Don Bartlett
Born (1960-04-01) April 1, 1960 (age 58)
Brier appearances8 (1985, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2006)
World Championship
2 (1991, 1997)
1 (2002)

Donald "Don" Bartlett (born April 1, 1960) is a Canadian curler from Edmonton, Alberta. Until April 26, 2006, Barlett played lead for Kevin Martin.


Don Bartlett played lead for Kevin Martin beginning in 1991. It was in 1991 that the team won the Brier that year. The team would win the 1997 Brier. Internationally, Bartlett has been to two World Curling Championships and two Winter Olympics. At the 1991 Worlds, Martin, Walchuk, third Kevin Park and second Dan Petryk won a silver medal. At the 1992 Winter Olympics (demonstration), the team finished fourth place. In 1997, the team now consisting of Don Walchuk at third and Rudy Ramcharan at second placed fourth. At the 2002 Winter Olympics now with Carter Rycroft at second, the team won a silver medal. With Martin, Bartlett has been to seven Briers and has won two Canada Cups. Before Martin, Barlett played with Pat Ryan. He went to the 1985 Brier as his alternate player.

Bartlett works as a postal clerk for Canada Post. He has a son also named Don Bartlett, who is a fingerstyle guitarist, and another named Stewart Bartlett who is an actor.

In 1999 Bartlett's home town became host the Don Bartlett Curling Classic. Now an annual curling bonspiel, the tournament attracts many teams from across Canada as well as a number of international competitors.

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