Agape International Missions

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Agape International Missions
A black-and-white photograph of three men sitting on chairs facing each other and wearing shorts and t-shirts all next to another empty chair
Don Brewster (left) being interviewed by Benjamin Nolot (right) for Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
PurposeTo rehabilitate former child prostitutes
Don Brewster
Board Chair
Bryce Jessup

Agape International Missions (AIM) is a nonprofit organization working to help girls caught up in the child sex trade in Cambodia.[1] Agape was founded by Bridget and Don Brewster of Lincoln, California in 1989.[1][2][3] Bryce Jessup is Board Chair of the organization.[4]

AIM opened its restoration center for former child sex workers in 2006, and in the country in 2006.[5] It co-funds the Svay Pak-based rehabilitation center for formerly prostituted children.[6][7] called "Agape Training Center", 41 young women receive rehabilitation and employment through the center.[8] Svay Pak is described by the Vancouver Sun as a place where up to 90% of children are forced into prostitution, and as "one of the few places on earth" where men can purchase sex with a three-year-old child. Agape runs medical and dental clinics staffed by volunteer medical personnel who fly in from the developed world for a week at a time.[6]

Some of the funds from the 2011 Run for Courage went to AIM.[9]

Don Brewster is an American activist.[10] He founded Agape International Missions (AIM)[11] in 1989.[2] He and his wife moved to Cambodia and freed 200 girls from sexual slavery.[12] Through AIM, Brewster ran a Svay Pak, Cambodia-based rehabilitation center for formerly prostituted children[7] called "Agape Training Center". 41 young women received rehabilitation and employment through the center.[8] Brewster used to be the pastor of Adventure Christian Church.[13]


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