Donegal (UK Parliament constituency)

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Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members Two
Replaced by East Donegal, North Donegal, South Donegal and West Donegal

Donegal was a UK Parliament constituency in Ireland, returning two Members of Parliament (MPs).


This constituency comprised the whole of County Donegal. In 1885, it was divided into separate constituencies of East Donegal, North Donegal, South Donegal and West Donegal.

Members of Parliament[edit]

  • Constituency created (1801)
Year First member Second member
1801 Henry Vaughan Brooke Viscount Sudley
1802 Sir James Stewart, Bt
1806 Henry Vaughan Brooke
1808 Henry Montgomery
1812 George Vaughan Hart
1818 Earl of Mount Charles
1825 Earl of Mount Charles
1831 Sir Edmund Hayes Edward Conolly
1849 Thomas Conolly
1860 Viscount Hamilton
1876 William Wilson
1879 Thomas Lea
1880 John Kinnear
  • Constituency abolished (1885)