Tong Tso

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Tong Tso
Tong Tso in Gêrzê County, Tibet, China.jpg
Coordinates 32°10′N 84°44′E / 32.167°N 84.733°E / 32.167; 84.733Coordinates: 32°10′N 84°44′E / 32.167°N 84.733°E / 32.167; 84.733
Type Salt lake
Basin countries China
Max. length 13.8 km (9 mi)
Max. width 8.6 km (5 mi)
Surface area 87.7 km2 (0 sq mi)
Surface elevation 4,396 m (14,423 ft)
Settlements Dongco

Tong Tso (Tibetan: སྟོང་མཚོWylie: stong mtsho) or Dong Co (Chinese: 洞错; pinyin: Dòng Cuò)is a plateau lake in Gêrzê County, Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest of China. The name of lake means "Desolate Lake" in Standard Tibetan. The lake has a total area of about 87.7 square kilometers. Lying at an elevation of 4,396 metres, it is dotted with two islands.[1]


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