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DontStayIn logo.png
Type of site
Social network service
Available inEnglish
HeadquartersLondon, England
Country of originSouthampton, England
OwnerLove Socio Ltd
Created byTim Aylott, John Brophy and Dave Brophy
Alexa rankPositive decrease Unknown (January 2018)[1]
RegistrationRequired to Participate
LaunchedApril 2003

DontStayIn, commonly abbreviated to DSI, was a social networking site based around clubbing. Primarily covering the UK it lists nearly 185,000 events and at its peak had over five million verified members. Members were encouraged to upload picture galleries to the site for events they've attended, add events and venues and otherwise contribute. 'Spotters' were DSI members who reviewed and photographed events.

The site was also ranked continuously from April 2006 to December 2008 in the top 3 websites in the UK by Hitwise for their "Entertainment - Nightlife" category. (Hitwise awards - Q2/2006   Q3/2006   Q4/2006   Q1/2007   Q2/2007   Q3/2007   Q4/2007   Q1/2008   Q2/2008   Q3/2008   Q4/2008)

The format of the site allowed any user to add event listings, post comments and upload photos from anywhere in the world. DSI members were known for their loyalty to and promotion of the site. Many users had also commented favourably about the site and its impact on their lives when it is mentioned by reviewers (see comments here for an example).

DSI users (often shortened on the site to "DSIers"), have used DontStayIn to set up events[2][3] and user-groups[4][5] to promote the meeting up of DSIers in real life.

In November 2006 DSI was reportedly used to organise[6] what has been described as the biggest flash mob ever[7] in Paddington Station, London, UK.

In 2005, DSI was featured in a documentary[8] made by Juniper TV[9] as part of Channel 4's "Trouble Online" series[10] that profiled new media enterprises that have been set up by young entrepreneurs.

On 14 April 2009, DontStayIn Ltd was acquired for an undisclosed sum by Development Hell Ltd, the publishers of The Word and Mixmag.[11]

In December 2012 DontStayIn was taken over by Love Socio Ltd, a subsidiary company of Web Giants Ltd.



Set up by founders under initial name of ""


Renamed "" snapshot of site


Won the House Music Awards prize for "Best Web Resource".[12]


Entered the "Hitwise" top 3 for the category "Entertainment - Nightlife" in the UK Q2/2006 Hitwise Won the Hard Dance Awards "Best Website" award
Won the Musik 4 You Awards "Best Website" award


Became number 1 in the "Hitwise" rankings for the category "Entertainment - Nightlife" in the UK Q2/2007 Hitwise - remained number 1 until Q4/2008 Won the Hard Dance Awards "Best Website" award
Won the Hardcore Heaven Awards "Best Website" award


Won the Hard Dance Awards "Best Website" award


Taken over by Development Hell Ltd.


Taken over by Love Socio Ltd, a subsidiary company of Web Giants Ltd.

The Don't Stay In brand was updated in June 2013 followed by a complete website update. The first phase of the new update was launched in Beta in July 2013.


Both the main DSI website and the associated Facebook page ceased to be updated in early 2016.

DSI Stats[edit]

From the site[13] (as of 28 April 2009):

  • Photos - Nearly 12 million photos have been uploaded to DSI so far. On average around 150,000 photos are uploaded every month and there are around 13 million photo viewings every month.
  • Events - The number of events on DSI is over 210,000. Around 2500 new events are added every month.
  • Verified members - There are now over 490,000 registered members on DSI. Around 2,500 new members are signing up every month. Around 35,000 log in at least once per month.
  • Forum Posts - There are over 20 million discussion forum posts on DSI. Over 120,000 forum posts are written every month.


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