Dorin Comaniciu

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Dorin Comaniciu
Born1964 (age 54–55)
ResidenceUnited States New Jersey, United States
AwardsLonguet-Higgins Prize (2010), IEEE Fellow (2012), ACM Fellow (2017)
Scientific career
FieldsMachine Intelligence, Diagnostic Imaging, Image-Guided Surgery, Computer Vision
InstitutionsSiemens, Siemens Healthcare

Dorin Comaniciu (born 1964) is a Romanian-American computer scientist, Vice President of Medical Imaging Technologies at Siemens Healthcare.


Comaniciu is best known for his work in computer vision,[1][2] medical imaging[3] and machine learning.[4][5] His academic publications have 40,000 citations.[6]. As of 2018 he holds 232 US patents [7] and 515 international patent applications [8]. He joined Siemens in 1999 as a senior research scientist, with a focus on computer vision applications for automotive systems.[9] Since 2004 he has served in various research and leadership positions, directing technology development in diagnostic imaging[10][11] and image-guided surgery[12]

Most recently, his team's research is focused on artificial intelligence [13][14][15] , hyper-realistic visualization [16], and precision medicine [17].

Together with his team and clinical collaborators he helped pioneer multiple clinical products, including efficient bone reading [18], vascular analysis, cardiac function assessment, trans-esophageal 3D heart valve assessment [19], guidance for aortic valve implantation[20], enhanced stent visualization, compressed sensing] for Magnetic Resonance[21], and automatic patient positioning for Computed Tomography.


Comaniciu studied for a PhD in electronics and telecommunications at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, which was awarded in 1995 and supervised by Victor Neagoe. In 1999 he received a second PhD in electrical and computer engineering, with the thesis on robust statistics for computer vision, from Rutgers University under the supervision of Peter Meer. In 2011 he graduated the Advanced Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • IEEE CVPR Best Paper Award 2000 (together with Visvanathan Ramesh and Peter Meer)
  • IEEE Longuet-Higgins Prize 2010, for 'Fundamental contributions in Computer Vision'
  • IEEE Fellow 2012, for contributions to medical image analysis and computer vision
  • AIMBE Fellow 2013, for technical contributions to medical imaging using machine learning, and for leadership in imaging technology [22]
  • MICCAI Fellow 2015, for contributions to the theory and practice of medical imaging and image-guided interventions [23]
  • ACM Fellow 2017, for contributions to machine intelligence, diagnostic imaging, image-guided interventions, and computer vision [24]
  • Honorary doctorate 2018, from Titu Maiorescu University, Romania


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