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Douglas Fisher (1941 – 9 July 2000) was an English actor.

Early life[edit]

He graduated from St Edmund Hall, Oxford in 1966, with a degree in French and Russian.[1]


He portrayed Larry Simmonds, the lovable rogue who occupied the attic apartment in the ITV sitcom Man About the House[1] and played Sammy in the films The Stud (1978) and The Bitch (1979), opposite Joan Collins. He also appeared in All Our Saturdays, Yes Minister, Home to Roost, Sorry!, Haggard, Goodnight Sweetheart, The Upper Hand, Jonathan Creek and Heartbeat. His final role was a clergyman in the 1999 miniseries adaptation of Oliver Twist.

He also played the role of Jim Medhurst (Kevin Medhurst's father) In TV series London's Burning from 1988 until the character was killed off in series 6 in 1993.


On 9 July 2000, Fisher died of a heart attack aged 59.

Selected television roles[edit]

Year Title Role
1970 Father, Dear Father Leslie
1972 Cheap at Half the Price Charlie
1973 All Our Saturdays Ronnie Rendell
1973 Thirty Minutes Worth
1973 to 1976 Man About the House Larry Simmonds (19 episodes)
1979 Feet First Hamilton Defries
1982 Yes Minister Ben Stanley
1987 Home to Roost George
1987 to 1988 Sorry! Wurzo
1988 to 1993 London's Burning Jim Medhurst
1992 Haggard Elusive Edward
1993 The Detectives Cabbie
1994 Pie In The Sky Mr. Barnet
1997 Goodnight Sweetheart Stanley
1999 Oliver Twist Clergyman


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