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Dr. Mario may refer to:

In video games:

In medicine:

  • Jorge Mario García Laguardia, also known as Dr. Jorge Mario García Laguardia, a Guatemalan jurist
  • Mario Costa (diplomat), also known as Dr. Mario Costa, the Republic of Malta Ambassador to the Russian Federation
  • Mario Díaz Martínez, also known as Dr. Mario Díaz Martínez, one of 12 elected volunteer members of the World Scout Committee
  • Mario Raviglione, also known as Dr. Mario Raviglione, Director of the Stop TB Department
  • Mario Ruiz, also known as Dr. Mario Ruiz, Chief of Staff at The Spinal Surgery Clinic of Strangnas in Sweden

In sports:

  • Estádio Martins Pereira, also known as Estádio Municipal Dr. Mário Martins Pereira, a football stadium in São José dos Campos, São Paulo