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Nik Trifino
Nik Trifino behind the scenes of the production Yondus Journey (2021)
Nikos Georgios Trifinopoulos

Wiener Neustadt
Nationality (legal)Austrian
Years active2017 - present
Known forYondus Journey

Nik Trifino (born Nikos Georgios Trifinopoulos; 16. September 1989 in Wiener Neustadt), Austria is an Austrian actor.

Early life[edit]

Nik was born in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and raised in Katzelsdorf by his greek father Dimitrios and his austrian mother Karin. His mother is a teacher for disabled children and his father is the owner of a local greek restaurant. He has two sisters, Jana and Iris. Trifino majored in graphic design but his interest declined over the years as his interest in acting grew.


Trifino started acting in various school plays and in his twenties he primarily has focused on movie productions. Nik originally wanted to study at the Max Reinhardt Seminar but because of the age limit of 25 he was unable to enroll. Instead Nik chose the Filmacademy Vienna in Vienna where he got accepted and started his training in 2018.

Even before graduating Trifino played a leading role in Yondus Journey as well as supporting roles in Wildfremd and Downhill.

In 2021 he was featured in an ad for discount store and food chain company Hofer.

In July 2021 he played Mason, a soldier suffering from PTSD in a music video for the band Devotion of Mine. In December 2021 till January 2022 he played the supporting character "Amadeus" in the Sci-Fi Drama Pan America: Vol I.

In 2023 he played in York, England the role of "Arthur" in the dramaThe Beggar's Story.

Personal life[edit]

Nik Trifino is in a longterm relationship with his girlfriend Mara Klöckl. Nik is an avid sports fan, particularly of the english Premier League. His hobbies are bodybuilding, weight training and "souls games".


Year Title Role Notes
2023 The Beggars Story Arthur
2022 Pan America: Vol. I Amadeus
2021 Black Winter Mason
2021 Yondus Journey Magnus
2020 Hollow Jake
2020 Downhill Disco Thug Uncredited
2019 Wildfremd Sebastian
2019 Vorstadtweiber Rowdy Uncredited
2018 Nibelungen Siegfried
2018 King Arthur Mordred


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