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Pronunciation [draɡoˈmir]
Gender Male
Word/name South-Slavic
Meaning To whom peace is precious
Region of origin Balkans
Other names
Related names Drahomíra, Predrag

Dragomir (Cyrillic script: Драгомир) is a name of Slavic origin, typical for Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as Romania. It is composed of the Slavic words drag (dear, precious) and mir (peace). It can be translated as To whom peace is precious, i.e. He who cares about peace.

However, the ending mir, found in many Slavic names, has developed from the Old Slavic term *meru which meant 'large, great, greatly'. Thus the original Old Slavic meaning of the name would be He who is very dear or He who is very precious (to his family). The female form of the name is Dragomira (or Drahomíra), Dragomirka and is also very popular.

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As place name[edit]

  • Dragomir, village in Berzunți Commune, Bacău County, Romania

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