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Drain may refer to:

  • Drain (plumbing), a fixture that provides an exit-point for waste water or water that is to be re-circulated on the side of a road
  • Drainage, the natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area
    • Storm drain, a system of collecting and disposing of rain water in an urban area
    • French drain, a system that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area
  • Drain (band), an American noise rock band
  • Drain STH, a disbanded female hard-rock band from Sweden
  • Drain (surgery), a tube used to remove pus or other fluids from a wound
  • Drain, Maine-et-Loire, a commune in Maine-et-Loire département, France
  • Drain (transistor), a terminal in a field effect transistor
  • Data Drain, a fictional element and technique in the .hack universe
  • Drain, Oregon, a city in Douglas County, Oregon, United States
  • Drain (comics), a comic book series starring a vampire
  • Waterloo & City line, in the London Underground, nicknamed "The Drain"

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