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Draw, drawing, draws, or drawn may refer to:

  • Drawing, the result or the act of making an image with a writing utensil
  • A part of many card games
  • A part of a lottery
  • The act of wielding a weapon by removing from a sheath or holster - to "draw" a pistol or a knife
  • Drawing (manufacturing), a process where metal, glass, or plastic or anything else is stretched
  • Draw (terrain), a terrain feature formed by two parallel ridges or spurs with low ground in between them

In sports and games[edit]

  • Draw (hockey) faceoff
  • Draw (poker) the act of taking a card from the dealer in Poker
    • Draw poker, each player is dealt complete hand before first betting round, & then develops hand for later rounds by replacing cards
  • Draw (tie), a result in competitions where there is either no winner or multiple winners
    • Draw (chess), one of the possible outcomes of a chess game (a tie)
  • Draw play, a type of American football play that "tricks" the defense into thinking a pass is being thrown
  • Draw, the schedule of fixtures in a sports league
  • Bow draw, the act of pulling back the string of a bow before loosing an arrow



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Art, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Draw!, a 1984 comedy-western film



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