Dreaming of the Tiger Spring

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The spring itself and its statues of tigers and a dreaming monk.

Hupao or Dreaming of the Tiger Spring (simplified Chinese: 虎跑梦泉; traditional Chinese: 虎跑夢泉; pinyin: Hǔpáo Mèngquán) is a spring and park in southwestern Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China.

The water from the spring itself seeps out from quartzite and is regarded as among the finest in China.[1] The water is popular for brewing teas, such as the local specialty, Longjing tea.

Tiger spring is also the burial place of monk Jigong.


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Coordinates: 30°12′32″N 120°07′48″E / 30.209°N 120.130°E / 30.209; 120.130