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Driving Licence in Pakistan
TypeDriving Licence
Issued byPakistan
PurposeDriving Permission
EligibilityCandidate must be at least 18 years old and medically fit to drive.
Expiration5 years
CostApproximately 2600 (US$16)

In Pakistan, the driving licence is the official document which authorizes its holder to operate various types of motor vehicle (depending on the type of license) on roads to which the public has access. Driving licences can be obtained by applying to any traffic police office/licensing authority in applicant's district.

Obtaining a driver's licence[edit]

Any person at least 18 years old can apply for a driving licence. The applicant must show their National Identity Card and must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (65').

For a new licence the person needs to apply first for a learner's permit.

  • The candidate needs to come to the office, in person.
  • The candidate needs to show a valid CNIC[clarification needed]
  • The candidate can only apply in the district of their domicile (In case of the out district, permission may be granted from the concerned MLA/DPO[clarification needed] in advance).
  • Paste a ticket of PKR Rs.60 for each category e.g. motor bike, car, etc.
  • Medical form duly signed from the authorized medical practitioner

Medical tests[edit]

After fulfilling the medical tests the applicant is eligible for getting the computerized learner's permit. The learner's permit is valid for 6 months normally. And after that the person is eligible for a Computerized Driving License. In this 6 months time Candidates have to pass through a series of tests. Phase 1 requires to pass a computerized written test, followed by road signs test. If the candidate fails in any of the phase 1 tests, then the candidate shall retry phase 1 after a gap of 42 days. Passing requires at least 80% correct answers. After Phase 1, Phase 2 is a practical test in which the candidate is tested to drive in narrow spaces, and park in a narrow space. If during the test, the candidate's car touches any of the poles, then a retest can take place after 42 days.

After successfully passing the test the person can get the computerized driving license which is valid for 5 years or 3 years according to candidate's liking.

Security features[edit]

The National Database & Registration Authority has developed an RFID-based driver's license that bears a license holder's unique, personal information as well as stores data regarding traffic violations and tickets issued / outstanding penalties. Data is stored in two halves of the chip. One half contains the personal information of the license holder and cannot be changed or modified. The second half is re-writable, where history of violations can be recorded. At the end of the day, violation data is transferred from the policeman's handheld device to local police station which is then transferred to the central server (at district/state level) through secure channel that ensures data security and integrity. The e-Driver's License system has been developed to automatically revoke driving rights in case of traffic violation. Comprehensive data of violations is electronically stored and available to the authorities. The e-driver's license also allows the authorities to provide for supplementary provisions and services. The RFID driver's license enables improvements in identity verification, privacy protection and highway safety.

Rules for the license[edit]


1 Learner's driving permit of motorcycle / motorcar / LTV / HTV / PSV / tractor (agriculture) shall be valid for six months, however the applicant can appear for practical driving test after 42 days

2 Learner's driving permit of construction / agriculture machinery shall be valid for one year, however the applicant can appear for practical driving test after six month

3 Foreigners Driving Licence shall be valid for the duration of valid Pakistani visa

4 International Driving Permit shall be valid for one year

5 All other categories of Driving Licences issued under these Rules other than PSV licences shall be valid for 5 years

6 PSV Licences shall be valid for three years unless otherwise provided in these Rules, canceled/suspended by the Authority or a competent Court earlier


In Pakistan, there are different categories of driving licence.

  • Motorcar/jeep: motorcar/jeep driving licence is valid for non-commercial car.
  • Motorbike/rickshaw
  • LTV: light transport vehicle driving licence is valid for commercial car/taxi, jeep, mini bus and lightweight transport.
  • HTV: Heavy transport vehicle driving licence is valid for buses, trucks, trailers, cranes, and any type of heavy transport.
  • Tractor (agricultural)
  • PSV: public service vehicle
  • International driver's permit

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