Duck (video game)

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Duck Maze Cover.jpg
Australian cover art
Developer(s)Bit Corporation
Genre(s)Platform, puzzle

Duck (Chinese: 醜小鴨; pinyin: Chǒuxiǎoyā; literally: 'Ugly Duckling'), is a platform puzzle game developed and published by Bit Corporation in 1987, making it the very first Nintendo unlicensed video game released for Famicom (internationally known as NES). The title has been later published in 1990 as Duck Maze by HES and Dismac, respectively in Australia and Brazil.


Duck Maze is a clone of Doki Doki Penguin Land by Sega, originally released in 1985 on SG-1000 and MSX, in which the player control a duck to guide an egg downwards of its 20 levels by moving or destroying blocks. Furthermore, one of the three lives available can be lost when this egg touch an enemy or when it breaks down falling too high.

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