Chameleon (American band)

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Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Genres Rock
Years active late 1970s to early 1980s
Labels Platinum Records
Past members Charlie Adams
Dugan McNeill
Mark Anthony
Johnny Donaldson
Peter Diggins
Donny Paulson
Ted Collins

Chameleon is a late 1970s/early 1980s American rock band founded by Charlie Adams. Chameleon made Billboard charts and was renowned for Adams’ two-axis revolving, upside-down drum set, which he played in live concerts and on MTV. The band toured extensively (sponsored by the Miller Brewing Co.) performing up to 260 shows a year. Band members have included Adams, drums, vocals, and percussion; Yanni, keyboards and synthesizers; Dugan McNeill, lead vocals and bass guitars; Johnny Donaldson, all guitars; Mark Anthony, lead vocals and keyboards; Peter Diggins, lead vocals and main guitars; Donny Paulson, guitars, vocals.


  • Chameleon (1981)
  • Techno-color (1982)
  • Balance (1983)
  • Hologram Sky (1984)


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