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Duke Jupiter is an American rock band which originated in Rochester, New York. They were active in the 1970s and 1980s on Mercury Records, CBS Records, and the Motown subsidiary Morocco Records and Powerglide Records. They are best known for their hit single I'll Drink to You.

After the release of their first album Sweet Cheeks in 1978, Duke started touring with national acts, including, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Bowie, Bob Seger, Robert Palmer, B. B. King, Toto, Sea Level, Huey Lewis and the News, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Blue Öyster Cult, The Charlie Daniels Band, Outlaws and John Lee Hooker.

Duke Jupiter played a farewell concert in their hometown of Rochester in 1986. This ended a 13-year career for the band.

Original Band members[edit]

  • Marshall Styler - Lead vocals, keyboards
  • Greg Walker - Lead vocals, Guitar
  • Don Maracle - Guitar
  • George Barajas - Bass guitar, background vocals, all recordings through portions of Duke Jupiter I
  • Earl Jetty - Drums, Sweet Cheeks
  • David Hanlon - Drums, Taste The Night and Band In Blue

1980 to present Band members[edit]

  • Marshall James Styler - Keyboards, lead vocals
  • Greg Walker - Guitar, lead vocals
  • Rickey Ellis - Bass guitar, vocals
  • Dave Corcoran - Drums, Lead vocals



  • "Trouble In Paradise" b/w "Days Between Us"
  • "Taste The Night"
  • "Band In Blue"
  • "I'll Drink to You" b/w "Begin Again" (1982) #58 US (this version of "Begin Again" differs from the title track of the Powerglide EP, Begin Again, starting with an accapella vocal arrangement and is an otherwise non-album b-side)
  • "Rock And Roll Band" b/w "Slow Loud And Dirty" (this version of "Rock And Roll Band" is a single edit from the version on Duke Jupiter I, and both Coast-to-Coast Records versions differ from the version fouund on the EP, Begin Again)
  • "Rockin' In A Motel Room" b/w "Baby I Do"
  • "You Make It Look Easy" b/w "Cut It Loose" (this version of "You Make It Look Easy" is a single edit of the album version on the album, You Make It Look Easy)
  • "Little Lady" b/w "Little Black Book" (1984) #68 US
  • "Rescue Me" b/w "Me And Michelle" (1984) #101 US


  • "Begin Again" (1980) Powerglide Records, Produced by Duke Jupiter ("Begin Again", "Rock And Roll Band", "Can't Give You Up"*, "Speed Limit" (all tracks written by Marshall Styler except *written by Greg Walker)


  • Sweet Cheeks (1978) Mercury Records, Produced by Chuck Leavel
  • Taste the Night (1979) Mercury Records, Produced by Glen Kolotkin
  • Band in Blue (1980) Mercury Records, Produced by Steve Katz
  • Begin Again - Collector's Edition (1980) Powerglide Records, 7" and 12" format, Produced by Duke Jupiter
  • Duke Jupiter I (1982) #204 US Coast-To-Coast Records (US), Epic (Canada), some pressings show a "Roadshow" logo, Produced by Glen Kolotkin
  • You Make it Look Easy (1983) Coast-To-Coast Records, Produced by Ashley Howe
  • White Knuckle Ride (1984) #122 US Morocco Records, Produced by Glen Kolotkin
  • Line of Your Fire (1985) Motown Records

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