Dulaankhaan, Selenge

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Dulaankhaan (Mongolian: Дулаанхаан) is an urban-type settlement in the Shaamar sum (district) of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia. It is 35 km SE from Shaamar sum center, 50 km S (via Shaamar) from Selenge Province capital Sükhbaatar city. Dulaankhaan is 60 km N from Darkhan city (Darkhan-Uul Province center).

Dulankhaan population was 1,997 (1994).

Dulaankhaan has a station on the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

Coordinates: 49°55′04″N 106°11′22″E / 49.91778°N 106.18944°E / 49.91778; 106.18944