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Western Australia
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Lands administrative divisions around Dundas:
Ngalbain Ngalbain Buningonia
Leake Dundas Fraser
Leake Fitzgerald Dempster

Dundas Land District is a land district (cadastral division) of Western Australia within the Eucla Land Division. It spans roughly 31°40'S - 32°40'S in latitude and 121°00'E - 122°15'E in longitude.

Location and features[edit]

The district is located in the western part of the Shire of Dundas between Coolgardie and Esperance.[1] It contains four gazetted townsites, the largest of which is Norseman, the western terminus of the Eyre Highway.

Townsite Coordinates Gazetted Notes
Buldania 32°04′05″S 122°01′12″E / 32.068°S 122.020°E / -32.068; 122.020 (Buldania) 1897
Dundas 32°23′46″S 121°46′30″E / 32.396°S 121.775°E / -32.396; 121.775 (Dundas) 1895
Norseman 32°11′46″S 121°46′41″E / 32.196°S 121.778°E / -32.196; 121.778 (Norseman) 1895
Princess Royal 32°08′02″S 121°48′14″E / 32.134°S 121.804°E / -32.134; 121.804 (Princess Royal) 1904


The district was approved on 25 September 1897 by the Commissioner of Crown Lands.[2] As it was approved prior to the Land Act 1898, its boundaries were never gazetted.


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Coordinates: 32°10′S 121°50′E / 32.167°S 121.833°E / -32.167; 121.833