Giles Land District

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Western Australia
Western Australia land districts.png
Lands administrative divisions around Giles:
Weld Yamarna Yowalga
Edjudina Giles Delisser
Buningonia Nuyts Nurina

Giles Land District is a land district (cadastral division) of Western Australia, located within the Eastern and Eucla land divisions on the Nullarbor Plain. It spans roughly 29°00'S - 31°00'S in latitude and 123°30'E - 126°30'E in longitude.

The district was created on 20 October 1916 and was defined in the Government Gazette:


  • "New Land Districts (per 7835/97)". Western Australia Government Gazette. 20 October 1916. p. 1916:1771. 

Coordinates: 30°00′S 125°20′E / 30.000°S 125.333°E / -30.000; 125.333