Hann Land District

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Western Australia
Western Australia land districts.png
Region Mid West
Lands administrative divisions around Hann:
Thadoona Hann Wells
Thadoona Nabberu Nabberu

Hann Land District is a land district (cadastral division) of Western Australia, located within the Eastern Land Division of the state. It spans roughly 24°00'S - 25°40'S in latitude and 120°00'E - 121°40'E in longitude, east of the rabbit-proof fence. Part of the Canning Stock Route passes through the south-east of the district. It is named in honour of explorer Frank Hann.

The district was created on 30 January 1925 and was defined in the Government Gazette:[1]


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Coordinates: 24°50′S 120°50′E / 24.833°S 120.833°E / -24.833; 120.833