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Dundurn Press
Dundurn logo.png
Founded 1972
Founder Kirk Howard
Country of origin Canada
Headquarters location Toronto
Imprints Dundurn, Castle Street Mysteries, Hounslow, Simon and Pierre, Boardwalk Books, Sandcastle Books, Natural Heritage, Napoleon and Co., Blue Butterfly, Thomas Allen Publishers
No. of employees "Over 20"[1]
Official website www.dundurn.com

Dundurn Press is the largest Canadian-owned book publishing company of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction in Canada.[2] Focusing on works of Canadian literature, history, biography, politics and arts, Dundurn has more than 2500 titles in print and publishes more than 100 new titles each year.[3]


Dundurn Press was established in 1972 by Kirk Howard.[4] A Canadian Studies college instructor in Sarnia, Howard began Dundurn in response to what he saw as a dearth of books dedicated to Canadian history. The company was named after Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario, the city in which Howard had grown up.[5]

Over the course of the next four decades, Dundurn underwent significant growth, acquiring three distinguished small Canadian trade publishers—Hounslow Press, Simon & Pierre, and Boardwalk Books—in the 1990s; the award-winning Sandcastle juvenile and teen fiction backlist from Beach Holme Publishing in 2005; Natural Heritage Books in 2007;[6] and XYZ Publishing in 2008, which includes The Quest Library (now called Quest Biographies) of biographies of distinguished Canadians and new editions of Mazo de la Roche’s Jalna series of novels.

In 2009, Dundurn forged a co-publishing partnership with the Ontario Genealogical Society, and in 2011, Dundurn purchased Napoleon & Company and Blue Butterfly Books.[7][8] In 2013, Dundurn acquired Thomas Allen Publishers, the publishing branch of Thomas Allen & Son Limited.[9]


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