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Dushyanth Weeraman
Born 7 June
Origin Colombo, Sri Lanka
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Hip Hop, R&B Artist
Years active 2005—present
Website www.dushyanth.com

Dushyanth Weeraman is a Sinhalese R&B and hip hop singer, dancer and actor in Sri Lanka.[1] He is the younger brother of hip hop artist Santhush Weeraman.

Early life[edit]

Dushyanth was educated and was a Senior Prefect of Royal College Colombo where he excelled in sports. Singing and Dancing on stage at many college events and shows were just another extra curriculum Dushyanth applied himself in as a hobby and interest. He was the Overall sports Captain of Hartley House and the Athletics House captain where he was extremely popular among College mates. Dushyanth excelled in Athletics representing Royal College in Public Schools Level. Dushyanth Weeraman recorded many victories in the following events of 100m sprint, 200m sprint and 400m sprint, 4 X 100. sprint and 4 X 400m sprint. High Jump was Dushyanth's favourite field event which was more or less a sure win for Dushyanth every year. All-rounder Dushyanth Weeraman was the opening batsman of the 2nd XI Cricket team while he became the highest scorer of the season with a batting average of 42.5 recording 7 fifties to his credit. Dushyanth Weeraman was a responsible player in that season where the Royal College 2nd XI Cricket Team won 7 of 11 matches played which is an unbeaten record to date. Dushyanth was also a Wing Three Quarter in the Under 17 and 2nd XV Rugby team whom were unbeaten Champions that year.


Singer / Dancer / Actor


Having composed, produced and directed most of his songs and music videos, Dushyanth has been recognised to have a style that appeals to mainly those living outside Colombo.

  1. "Paana Senehasa", "Jeththu Noney", "Karaliya", "Nelum Vilen" and "Vasana Lovak" and "Mathake Hasarel" are some of the recent singles released by Dushyanth and currently he is in the process of finalising his debut album named "Karaliya" to be released in 2011.[needs update]
  1. Dushyanth Weeraman opens for two time Grammy award-winning International Hip Hop Artiste T-PAIN in Anaheim California on Saturday 19 February 2011.
  2. Dushyanth Weeraman representing Sri Lanka, was awarded the Excellent Singer Award at the 9th Shanghai Music Festival in 2006.
  3. Representing Sri Lanka Dushyanth Weeraman became the 2nd Runner-up in the South Asian Super Star Contest held in Kolkata India in December 2008.


Being a singer, Dushyanth recently accelerated his fame by participating in the "Sirasa Dancing Stars"(SDS) reality TV series.

  1. Dushyanth is the founder of "D Star Regiment" a dance/art performance troupe.
  2. Dushyanth now is a choreographer not only for his productions but for many other events and artists in the industry.


Dushyanth has also done acting having played the role of "Raoul" in "The Phantom of the Opera", as "Guttila" in "Guttila-The musical" and as "Thomas" in "RAG-The musical". Dushyanth entered the silver screen playing the lead role in his debut movie on 12 February 2009 with the film is Dancing Star.


Dushyanth's target audience has been young adults from ages sixteen to thirty; however, he has influenced audience from ages three to eighty throughout the country. He regularly appears on National TV shows for interviews and performances. Dushyanth has done over 100 interviews/chats appearances on TV and Radio. He has been featured on the cover of nearly 50 different newspapers and Magazines with multiple interviews and coverage from time to time. These newspapers and magazines covers a wide spectrum of all market segments. He is a phenomenon among the young adults for his lively pop music and breath taking dancing moves. He is well respected in Sri Lanka and in South Asia for being a true Michael Jackson inspired artist.

Music – Inspired by one of the most versatile entertainers in the world, Michael Jackson, Dushyanth Weeraman's music has a uniqueness of its own and more or less every song he has released have become big hits in the Sri Lankan POP music scene. Pana Senehasa, Jeththu Noney, Nelum Vilen, Karaliya, Vasana Lovak and Mathake Hasarel are top in the list.

Dancing – Becoming the Sirasa Dancing Star with a flawless journey to the victory, Dushyanth is considered the "most versatile dancer to ever be found in Sri Lanka"

Movie – The Box office hit "Dancing Star" being Dushyanth's debut movie, has been seen by hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans which became the highest selling movie in that year(2009).


  1. Winner of the TOYP(Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka) Award in 2013 for his contribution to Music, Art, Culture & Media.
  2. Winner of the "Sirasa Dancing Stars" reality TV series.
  3. Winner of the "Showboat All Island Singing Competition".
  4. 2nd runner up in the "South Asian Super Star" held in India.
  5. Dushyanth plays the main role in the movie "Dancing Star".
  6. Was awarded the Excellent Singer award at the 9th Shanghai Music Festival in 2006.
  7. Co-Producer and organizer of the Shreya Ghoshal Live in Concert held at Havelock Grounds, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  8. Dushyanth also Co-Produced and Starred in the Teledrama titled "Sathya" and played the lead role of "Sathya" which played on the Sri Lankan national Television Channel Rupavahini.
  9. Dushyanth is the only brother of Super Star Santhush Weeraman of "BnS".
  10. Brand Ambassador of " ROLLO ".
  11. "Winter Jam 2011" was a musical production that was held in Anaheim Convention Center in California of USA. It feature some of the biggest and renowned stars of the west, with names included such as 2 time Grammy Award winner T-Pain, Multi-platinum selling rapper, Waka Flocka Flame, singing sensation Baby Bash, legendary rapper Too Short and multiple other artist. D-Star Dushyanth Weeraman Dushyanth made history by being the first Sri Lankan to ever share the center stage with names as this big and perform his original music to a standing ovation of 9,000 plus people.
  12. Dushyanth's song "Just The Fact" featured a collaboration with India's number one male playback singer Sonu Niggam and highly acclaimed and internationally renowned Bollywood music producer and singer Aadesh Shrivastava.
  13. The movie "A Common Man" was a career defining movie where Dushyanth acted alongside Hollywood acclaimed Sir Ben Kingsly and Ben Cross. This was the first Sri Lankan production to be released in Hollywood. "A common man" also secured awards at the European Film Festival for "Best Movie", "Best Actor" and Best Director".
  14. In year 2009, representing Sri Lanka Dushyanth Weeraman became the 2nd Runner-Up in the "South Asian Super Star".
  15. In 2006 Dushyanth represented Sri Lanka in the "9th Shanghai Music Festival" and won the Excellent Singer Award.
  16. Artiste Aloud and Hungamma-Bolloywood "Featured Artiste of the month" (December 2012)
  17. Raghav, an international music sensation with multiple chart topper tour Sri Lanka in 2006 where Dushyanth did the concert opening performance on the tour show.
  18. Vocals in Amitabh Bachchan 70th birthday song
  19. "According to Mathew" is another Hollywood movie production in which Dushyanth has been cast.

Future plans[edit]

Album – The first music album of Dushyanth is set to release in August 2009. This album will consist of Dushyanth's first singles. Dushyanth is most confident that these singles will also be super Hits.

Concerts – The date is set... 29 August 2009. Dushyanth intends doing a live concert at the Joseph's College Auditorium which can hold up to 4000 spectators. This Concert will consist of two segments. Firstly performances of Dushyanth's original music and secondly a selection of the greatest Hits of Michael Jackson. Coincidentally the date of this concert is the same of the King of Pop's 51st birthday. Naming this concert as "Best of Dushyanth" the pay off line would be "A tribute to the King of Pop".

International Performances – Having toured California (opening performing for two time Grammy Award-winning hip hop artiste T_PAIN), London, Shanghai-China, Kolkata-India, Melbourne-Australia and Dubai-UAE Dushyanth is scheduled to tour Cyprus, London, Italy, Toronto and Malaysia in the near future for shows and concerts.

Video clips – Dushyanth is currently working on 5 video clips for his singles Mathake Hasarel, Maa Sithe, and Kiri Kekuli,Dedunna Wage,Ahanna Adare Tharam

Dance troupe and academy – Dushyanth Weeraman a choreographer and teacher conducts dance classes at the Lions Activity Center in Ethul Kotte on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. This has become a great service from Dushyanth Weeraman and is a great opportunity to the youth in learning to be a good performer.

Dedunna Wage Live in Concert on 28 July 2012 @ ST.Joshep's College Auditorium Colombo.Bhathiya Jayakodi,Santhush Weeraman,Umaria Singhawanshe,Yashan will have to sing. Dancing Group is D-STAR REGIMENT with Hashini,Dushyanth, Leeshan,Steve,Janaka,Gagana,Maleesha,Demithrio,Chamathka,Amaya,Akashi,Tharindu,Induwara etc.


  • Winner of the TOYP(Ten Outstanding Young Persons) award for his contribution in Arts, Culture, Literature and/or Media in 2013.
  • Winner of the Showboat Carlsberg Singing Championship (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Winner of the Sirasa Dancing Stars (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Winner of the Excellent Singer at the 9th Shanghai Asia Music Festival (Shanghai, China)
  • Was awarded as the 2nd runner-up in the South Asian Super Star held in Kolkata-India.

Fan support[edit]

Critical analysis of Dushyanth & his performances[edit]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeW48h7_xEA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWQjwCPm3Lc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtUTloyBMJY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lKyInkK-30 http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=67746666376 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F44CK1Brsss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC8kvL3JqIQ&feature=related

Critical reception[edit]

Many consider the backbone of Dushyanth's newfound fame to be his talented brother Santhush Weeraman of Sri Lanka's commercially most successful pop act BNS. However saying that we must also consider that not all brothers and sisters of every successful artiste becomes as successful as Dushyanth has proved to be. From the latest big names such as Akon, Britney Spears to Legendary Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Michael Jackson had singlings too. But none of those siblings have stepped up as Dushyanth Weeraman has as a sibling of a Super Star. He is clearly Dushyanth Weeraman the Super Star himself and Santhush is coincidentally Dushyanth's brother. Reference to a testimonial by one of the greatest musicians of Sri Lanka (mr.Aruna Siriwardena) Dushyanth's singing skills are commendable & i admit he has to one of the best SINGERS in the industry. But why is the modest attention he receives being exaggerated to the point where it's just plain ridiculous? Well the answer to that is... Dushyanth Weeraman is a good singer, brilliant dancer and an amazing entertainer. Dushyanth is a full package.... It is not very often that we find individuals as Dushyanth Weeraman in this part of the world.