Dying to Go Home

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Dying to Go Home (Portuguese: Mortinho por Chegar a Casa) is a Portuguese movie released in 1996. It was directed by Carlos da Silva and George Sluizer, starring Diogo Infante (as Manuel Espírito Santo) and Maria d'Aires (as Júlia Espírito Santo). The story takes place in Portugal and the Netherlands. Three languages are used during the movie (Portuguese, Dutch and English).


Manuel Espírito Santo (whose surname means Holy Spirit), a Portuguese immigrant in the Netherlands suffers an accident and dies. Now a ghost, he discovers that his soul cannot rest unless his body is buried in his home country. He also discovers that he can appear in living people's dreams and thereby talk with them. He appears in his sister's dream and asks her to go to Amsterdam in order to retrieve his body.


Portuguese comedian Herman José has a minor role as Vasco da Gama.

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