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The surname Dyson may refer to:


  • Ambrose Dyson (1876–1913), Australian political cartoonist, brother of Will and Edward Dyson, father of Edward Ambrose Dyson
  • Andre Dyson (b. 1979), an American football player
  • Charles W. Dyson (1861–1930), a U.S. Navy rear admiral
  • Chris Dyson (b. 1978), a U.S. racing driver currently competing in the American Le Mans Series, son of Rob Dyson
  • Edward Dyson (1865–1931), Australian writer and journalist, brother of Will Dyson and Ambrose Dyson
  • Edward Ambrose Dyson (1908–1952), Australian illustrator and political cartoonist, son of Ambrose Dyson
  • Esther Dyson (b. 1951), consultant and philosopher in emerging digital technology, the daughter of Freeman Dyson (see below)
  • Frank Dyson, British rugby league footballer
  • Frank Watson Dyson (1868–1939), an English astronomer.
  • Freeman Dyson (b. 1923), a physicist for whom the Dyson sphere and the Dyson series named
  • Geoff Dyson, (d. 1981), the first British chief national coach of athletics for whom the Dyson Award was named
  • George Dyson (composer) (1883–1964), an English musical composer, the father of Freeman Dyson
  • George Dyson (science historian) (born 1953), a science historian, the son of Freeman Dyson
  • H. Kempton Dyson (1880–1944), an English structural engineer and architect
  • Hugo Dyson (1896–1975), an English academic and a member of the Inklings literary group
  • Humfrey Dyson (1582–1633), an English scrivener, notary, and book collector
  • James Dyson (b. 1947), the inventor of the Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner
  • Jeremy Dyson (b. 1966), a comedy writer, including of material for The League of Gentlemen comedy troupe
  • John Dyson (rugby) (1866–1909), English rugby union player
  • Jack Dyson (1934–2000), English first-class cricketer
  • John Barry Dyson (1942–1995), English association footballer for several Football League clubs including Tranmere Rovers and Watford
  • John Dyson, Lord Dyson (born 1943), judge in the English High Court and later a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
  • John Dyson (cricketer) (born 1954), Australian international cricketer
  • John S. Dyson, political and business leader in New York
  • John Dyson, musician best known as a member of the former 1980's New Age instrumental duo Wavestar
  • Kevin Dyson, a split end in the National Football League
  • Kina Malpartida, whose real name is Kina Malpartida Dyson, a Peruvian boxer who became the world champion in 2009 in the super featherweight class
  • Marianne J. Dyson, non-fiction author, notably of space science books for children
  • Mia Dyson, an Australian musician
  • Michael Eric Dyson, a professor at Georgetown University
  • Rob Dyson, (b. 1946) A now retired U.S. racing driver and current owner of Dyson Racing, the father of Chris Dyson
  • Ronnie Dyson (1950–1990), an African-American singer and actor
  • Ruth Dyson, a politician in New Zealand
  • Terry Dyson (born 1934), English football player for Tottenham Hotspur
  • Thomas A. Dyson (1851–1898), American politician
  • Tony Dyson (1947–2016), builder of the R2-D2 models for the Star Wars films
  • Will Dyson (1880–1938), an Australian artist, cartoonist and caricaturist
  • William Dyson (1857–1936), an English county cricketer

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Miles Bennett Dyson, character from the film Terminator 2 who was the most directly responsible for "Judgement Day"