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Motto «Water – flows, wind – blows, fire – burns, EDAPS – makes progress»
Formation 2004
Type Consortium
Purpose Production of IDs and information systems, industry of security printing.
9 member organizations members
Website www.edaps.ua

The EDAPS Consortium (Ukrainian: ЄДАПС) produces ID documents and information systems. EDAPS is a founder of the printing industry in Ukraine. EDAPS consists of 9 leading Ukrainian enterprises in the printing industry and information technology. Since 2004 EDAPS has been implementing Government and corporate projects on designing and implementing ID-documents, registers, databases, automated information control systems. The world group of companies, organizing the EDAPS Consortium, ensure the complete cycle of ID-documents production and implementation of information systems, providing protection of goods and documents from forgery. EDAPS has its own scientific resources, high-tech production and network of services for support and maintenance of turn-key projects.


The EDAPS Consortium has fulfilled over 300 large-scale projects. According to ID World it is among the Top-50 world manufacturers of electronic passports. The documents developed and implemented by EDAPS are appreciated by the ICAO, EU, ОSCЕ, Interpol. EDAPS produces electronic passports and ID-cards for INTERPOL officers. EDAPS has created certified production facilities, including enterprises on issuing and outsourcing personalization of VISA and MasterCard payment cards.


  • March 2004, EDAPS won the tender for designing and producing Ukrainian travel passports.
  • September 2004, Presentation of State Centre for Document Personalization, the up-to-date enterprise for personalization of identification documents, including personalization methods with laser engraving and laser perforation.
  • December 2004, EDAPS became the only associated member on the territory of the CIS of INTERGRAF, the Confederation for Printing and Allied Industries -Intergraf


  • July 2005, Znak Ltd. (manufacture of plastic cards and ID-document application forms) started its manufacturing activity.


  • January 2006, the EDAPS Consortium proceeded to manufacture national driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates on a plastic base in Ukraine.


  • June 2007, the EDAPS Consortium designed and presented the prototype of the electronic (biometric) travel passport.
  • June 2007, the EDAPS Consortium commenced the realization of the national program on implementation of new travel passports with a polycarbonate data page in Ukraine. * October 2007, INCOM Corporation became a member of the EDAPS Consortium.


  • February 2008, SE Holography Ltd., the EDAPS Consortium member, presented the technologies of demetallization of high resolution holograms.
  • April 2008, EDAPS won the international tender for creation of a demographic register in Kenya. EDAPS concluded a contract with De Beers Diamond Jewellers (Great Britain) on development of a global identification system for De Beers jewelry and issuance of De Beers Diamond Passports (which guarantee the authenticity of jewellery at any De Beers jewelry store).
  • July–August 2008, EDAPS won a tender for development of the National Register of Voters of Ukraine.
  • September 2008, the EDAPS Consortium member – POLLY-SERVICE company – opened the Interbank Personalization Bureau.
  • November 2008, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine opened the Interregional Centre for Passport Document Issuance established upon the basis of EDAPS Consortium technologies.


  • February 2009, the EDAPS Consortium implemented the Integrated Population Registration System of Kenya (IPRS), using biometric technologies.
  • October 2009, the EDAPS Consortium was officially appointed as the manufacturer of electronic passports for Interpol officers.
  • October 2009, ZNAK enterprise, a member of the EDAPS Consortium, became the first Ukrainian manufacturer of payment cards containing a microchip for Bank-Members of the UkrCard Payment System.


  • March 2010, the American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation recognized Ukraine as the world leader in combating illegal trade in tobacco products, and the Ukrainian EDAPS Consortium technologies to be the most efficient.
  • April 2010, a delegation from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine headed by NAS President Boris Paton visited the EDAPS Consortium. The scientists invited EDAPS to cooperate in innovations.
  • October 2010, at the Intergraf-2010 world forum in Barcelona, the EDAPS Consortium presented its own equipment for laser engraving and electronic personalization of ID-documents.
  • November 2010, General Assembly of INTERPOL announced the initiative of INTERPOL on implementation of electronic (biometric) passports and ID-cards, and selected the EDAPS Consortium as their manufacturer.


  • Machine-readable Ukrainian passports of citizens of Ukraine for travelling abroad with a polycarbonate data page.

The launch of new Ukrainian travel passports was started in June 2007. The passport has 25 security levels, beating the number of security levels present in Ukrainian banknotes. The passport design contains the traditional ornamental motifs and heraldry of Ukraine and its regions. Passport personalization is fulfilled by the State Centre for Document Personalization, using laser engraving and perforation technologies. The recorded information cannot be changed without destroying the form itself.

  • The National Information System and a network of centres under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine for registration and issuance of the Ukrainian travel passports.

The MIA of Ukraine performs application, registration and issuance of the travel passports with the use of EDAPS technologies within the State Information System of Individual Persons Registration and Documentation (SIS).

  • Driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates of Ukraine.

In 2006 Ukraine started the production of national driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates in the form of plastic cards, protected with holographic security elements. The documents are designed by the EDAPS Consortium. The driving licenses were highly appreciated by the European Union.

  • Licenses for bearing and keeping arms in the form of plastic cards.
  • A crew member certificate on a plastic basis.
  • Electronic vehicle technical inspection card.
  • Production of paper document forms for Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine system.
  • Production of De Beers Diamond Passports.

For De Beers Diamond Jewellers (Great Britain) the EDAPS Consortium has created a world identification system for identification of the De Beers jewellery, and has been issuing the De Beers Diamond Passports, which certify the authenticity of jewelry at any De Beers jeweller’s. These ID-documents in the form of a booklet with a polycarbonate data page are highly protected. All data about De Beers jewellery is recorded in the passport page by laser engraving. Personalization of De Beers Passports is performed at the Personalization Bureau. The passport is protected with 29 security elements. EDAPS Consortium also provides secure access to De Beers information resources in all points of sale worldwide.

  • Production of electronic documents for INTERPOL officers.

On November 8, 2010 the General Assembly of International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) announced the initiative of INTERPOL on implementation of electronic (biometric) passports and ID-cards, and selected the EDAPS Consortium as their manufacturer.

  • Bank cards production and personalization.

Two EDAPS enterprises: Znak Ltd., plastic cards manufacturer, and POLLY-SERVICE company, personalization services provider, ensure the entire range of technological services supporting any bank emission programs: from the development and production of the card design to the delivery of personal cards and PIN in individual envelopes with personal marketing enclosures. There are over 60 big Ukrainian and foreign banks among EDAPS clients. The EDAPS Consortium supplies payment smart-cards for the National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP).

  • Holographic elements for protection of goods and documents.

More than 400 corporate and Government companies are clients of EDAPS and need the holographic security of documents and goods, including excisable ones. Specialists of the Specialized Enterprise HOLOGRAPHY, a member of the EDAPS Consortium, designed the state-of-the-art technologies for hologram production: demetallized high resolution holograms, bigrams, BEPRINT holograms, etc.

  • Establishment of the National Population Register of Kenya.

The EDAPS Consortium developed and implemented the Integrated Population Registration System (IPRS) in Kenya. The IPRS construction is an integral part of a huge project on establishment of the National Population Register (NPR) of Kenya.

  • National Register of Voters.

EDAPS takes part in development of the automated information and telecommunication system National Register of Voters in Ukraine.


EDAPS enterprises have all the necessary licenses and certificates, allowing the rendering of the entire range of services to clients in the manufacture of ID-documents, information systems, payment, holographic elements etc.

The EDAPS Consortium members[edit]

  • ZNAK Ltd.
  • State Enterprise State Centre for Document Personalization
  • Specialized Enterprise HOLOGRAPHY Ltd.
  • 3-Т Ltd.
  • INCOM Corporation

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