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Founded2009 in London, England
FoundersGeoff Watts, Julia Fowler
Number of locations
London, New York City, San Francisco
Area served
ServicesRetail Analytics
Number of employees
110 (2018)

EDITED (formerly EDITD[1]) is a retail technology company headquartered in London, England, with offices in New York and San Francisco. The company produces a real-time data analytics software of the same name intended for apparel brands and retailers to monitor the apparel retail market worldwide.[2] Its software is primarily used by apparel buyers, traders and merchandisers.[3]


EDITED uses web crawlers and Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Computer Vision to collect the product and commercial data generated by the online apparel industry and lets users analyze that data in order to gain competitive insights.[3] Some key components of the software are its ability to display product metrics for apparel products currently on the market, including items’ pricing and sell out rates.[4] In addition, EDITED software lets its users evaluate competitor assortment and industry-wide trend trajectories.[5] Data can help retailers decide which items to discount.[6]

Along with its clients in the US and UK, EDITED works with companies in Europe, South Africa, Australia, China, Russia, South America and Asia.[4][7]

EDITED was founded by Geoff Watts and Julia Fowler in 2009.[7] The company is backed by Index Ventures and Frog Capital. To date it has raised $6 million.[8]

In 2012, The company was featured in The Guardian’s list of ‘East London’s 20 Hottest Tech Startups’.[9] In April, 2015 it was included on Business Insider’s list of ‘25 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Retail’.[10] The company also placed third in Fast Company’s 2014 list of ‘The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Style’.[11]

In 2017, it won Retail Week's Retail Tech Supplier of the Year[12], and was ranked one of the Five Best Companies to Work for in Europe by Meritocracy.[13]


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