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Logo of ELTA 1 HD (television channel).png
Owned by "STIJENA HERC" d.o.o. Ljubinje
Picture format 16:9 HDTV 1080i
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Language Serbian language
Broadcast area Bosnia and Herzegovina
Headquarters Banja Luka
Formerly called ELTA TV
Sister channel(s) ELTA 2
Website www.eltatv.net
ELNET Channel 050
TX TV Channel 047
Streaming media
Online streaming On website

ELTA 1 HD or ELTA TV is a Bosnian commercial television channel based in Banja Luka. ELTA TV has started broadcasting their own experimental program on 12 May 2010 under the name "Elta televizija".[1] On the first anniversary of broadcasting (2011) program is broadcast in High definition 24 hours a day in the Serbian language. ELTA 1 HD is available via cable systems throughout the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ELTA 1 HD Line-up[edit]

This television channel broadcasts a variety of programs such as entertainment and mosaic magazines, movies (full HD) and documentaries.[2]

  • FLAME - show bizz-entertainment magazine
  • COVER magazin - entertainment magazine
  • AQUANA TV - entertainment magazine
  • Kafa u 5 - TV show on current issues and events in the RS entity and BiH.
  • Trenutak za kulturni kutak - overview of cultural events in Banja Luka and the region.
  • Pod istragom - (Under investigation) - news magazine with various topics

Foreign series[edit]

Serbian language (Iyekavian) translation Original name
Majstori horora Masters of Horror (full HD)
Čistač The Cleaner
Kenedijevi The Kennedys (full HD)
Kompanija The Company (full HD)
Žene fudbalera The Game
Nijemi svjedok Silent Witness
Stjuardese Mile High
Crni Gruja Црни Груја


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