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ER (season 13)
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Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes23
Original networkNBC
Original releaseSeptember 21, 2006 –

May 17, 2007
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The thirteenth season of the American fictional drama television series ER first aired on September 21, 2006 and concluded on May 17, 2007. It consists of 23 episodes.


In the aftermath of the shootout Abby delivers a premature baby while Sam suffers a terrifying ordeal at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, the show's longest-serving character Kerry Weaver departs when Kovac is forced to make budget cuts which threaten her job. Paramedic Tony Gates returns as the ER’s new intern, Kovac is sued for malpractice and is later forced to return to Croatia to care for his father, Abby struggles to adapt to motherhood and Ray is involved in a life-changing accident which turns Neela's world upside down.


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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
2681"Bloodline"Stephen CraggJoe Sachs & David ZabelSeptember 21, 2006 (2006-09-21)2T780115.59[1]

The hospital staff copes with the immediate aftermath of the shootout. Weaver finds Abby unconscious and Kovač tied to a gurney. Abby's trauma puts her into pre-term labor, and when the risk of placental abruption becomes a reality, her baby is born two and a half months prematurely. When bleeding continues, Abby undergoes a hysterectomy. Jerry's heart was nicked by a bullet and he has to have surgery, which Dubenko and Neela perform successfully. After a rough chase from local police, Steve and his co-conspirators decide to hide out with hostages Sam and Alex. Eventually Steve shoots both of the co-conspirators, who want to dump Sam and Alex, and then tells Sam that he would rather his family were all dead than to be separated again. Later that night, after Alex is asleep in the van, Steve rapes Sam. When Steve falls asleep, Sam takes the keys to the van and prepares to escape with Alex but then goes back, picks up Steve's gun, and shoots him three times.

NOTE: This is the first episode (until the series finale) that does not feature the original opening title sequence nor James Newton Howard's theme song.
2692"Graduation Day"Joanna KernsJanine Sherman Barrois & Lisa ZwerlingSeptember 28, 2006 (2006-09-28)2T780214.36[2]
While Abby's baby, Joe, struggles in the NICU, Maggie visits and has a more pleasant time than usual with Abby. Sam's former employer, Eliott, helps her forestall any police investigation of Steve's death. Pratt becomes an ER attending. Kovač and Abby clash about trying a risky experimental treatment for Joe; eventually Abby agrees and Joe improves, but develops complications that are noticed at first by Maggie, who insists that the Attending, Dr Rav, be paged, saving baby Joe's life. He requires surgery, but finally recovers. The hospital board meets to fire Kovač over the Clemente fiasco; when Weaver confesses that she, not Kovač, was responsible, she is demoted to an ER attending. Morris is disenchanted as a pharmaceutical representative and wants, and finally gets, the open ER attending slot, with Pratt's help. Paramedic Tony Gates returns and offers emotional support to a still grieving Neela, and it is revealed that he is becoming a new intern at the hospital. At the end of the episode, Abby (for the first time) invites her mother to visit them again as she tends to her infant son.
2703"Somebody to Love"Stephen CraggDavid ZabelOctober 5, 2006 (2006-10-05)2T780314.68[3]
Pratt's excitement at becoming an attending is cut short when he has to teach the new interns and supervise the residents. Gates and Pratt argue over Gates' failure to keep his charts current and the treatment of a gay heart patient, which results in the patient's partner (John Mahoney) fighting his family over keeping him alive. Gates goes against Pratt's orders and saves the patient's life, but he is brain dead, which ultimately makes things worse on all fronts, especially with Pratt. After finding out Alex has not been talking to the psychologist that Sam set him up with, she confronts him and finds that Alex witnessed the shooting. Gates has sex with what appears to be his roommate. After visiting Abby and baby Joe, Neela meets the new chief resident of surgery, Dr. Dustin Crenshaw, who has a personality similar to the late Dr. Romano.
2714"Parenthood"Tawnia McKiernanR. Scott GemmillOctober 12, 2006 (2006-10-12)2T780414.57[4]
Abby enrolls in a "Mommy and Me" class and meets a group of nannies, which changes her outlook on childcare. A grandfather and grandson are injured in a chainsaw accident, leaving Kovač stuck upstairs with a difficult case. Pratt has his trial-by-fire when he has to handle the ER alone, juggling multiple traumas, teaching duties, and Gates, whose paramedic experience lead him to try difficult procedures unsupervised and dictate his notes, both of which infuriate Pratt. Neela mentors a new med student assigned to surgery and lends a hand when Pratt makes a serious error, to the scorn of the chief surgical resident. Sam discovers Alex's latest extracurricular activity. Gates turns out to be living with a woman, Meg, and her daughter, Sarah.
2725"Ames v. Kovac" [5]Richard ThorpeJoe SachsOctober 19, 2006 (2006-10-19)2T780513.72[6]
Curtis Ames (Forest Whitaker), a carpenter who suffered a stroke while under Kovač's care for pneumonia, sues him for malpractice. During the trial, each man's recollections of Ames' treatment are recounted via testimony and flashbacks. Kovač worries about the implications of the suit and the possible outcomes. Abby returns to work and must adjust to the dramatic changes in her life. An equipment shortage hampers Pratt, Abby, and Neela's treatment of a patient, leading them to attempt a risky procedure. Pratt's early morning trip to the barbershop results in a new awareness of community need.
2736"Heart of the Matter"Andrew BernsteinJanine Sherman BarroisNovember 2, 2006 (2006-11-02)2T780613.85[7]
A collision between a motorcycle and a car brings critical patients to the ER. Kovač and Ray treat the motorcycle rider, and discover a condition his wife wants kept secret. Abby and Neela work on the driver of the car, but his surgery does not go well and his wife soon has troubles of her own. Pratt has a new lady in his life, and a new roommate. Gates has a different kind of girl trouble, and we learn that Meg and Sarah were the family of Gates' friend Keith, who was killed during the Gulf War. Kovač gets some important news, and an unexpected visitor.
2747"Jigsaw"John WellsVirgil WilliamsNovember 9, 2006 (2006-11-09)2T780714.56[8]
A young man, who is more than he seems to be, presents a challenge to Morris and Sam. Kovač's and Abby's childcare emergency means balancing baby care with patient care in the ER.
2758"Reason to Believe"Ernest DickersonR. Scott Gemmill & David ZabelNovember 16, 2006 (2006-11-16)2T780812.52[9]
A patient is brought to the ER after a bar fight by his wife who also has minor injuries. Abby tries to help the man into a treatment program for his alcoholism while Kovač accuses the man of beating his wife. A homeless boy, Paulie, is brought in and the doctors fear that he had rabies. The tension between Gates and Pratt stop after a fight. Before Pratt had found his brother, Chazz, with his gay lover. Kovač speaks with a cop about the threat from Curtis Ames. After Meg expresses her desire to marry Gates, he tells her that he'd like to break up.
2769"Scoop and Run"Stephen CraggLisa ZwerlingNovember 23, 2006 (2006-11-23)2T780913.04[10]
It is Thanksgiving in the ER and Abby is called in for a transport by helicopter. The patient is unstable and ends up dying. Abby and the others in the helicopter then take over a new commission, a big car accident. She struggles to keep a little boy's mom alive who is stuck in a crashed bus. Meanwhile in the ER, Sam's son Alex is volunteering and keeps a patient, Lulu, company because her parents do not show up. Neela decides to take things slow with Gates, yet she starts to make out with him.
27710"Tell Me No Secrets..."Laura InnesKaren MaserNovember 30, 2006 (2006-11-30)2T781013.36[11]
A teenage girl is found in front of her school, bleeding and apparently raped. As Kovač and Gates treat her, Abby and Neela try figure out the truth about what happened, while Kovač must help the girl's mother, a colleague. When the police are no help with Ames, Kovač decides to confront the problem. Abby's friend from Ike's returns. Pratt struggles to cope when his brother comes out. There is a new nurse on the floor, but can he handle the ER? Meanwhile, Ray's got a secret and Gates pours on the charm, but Neela's not impressed.
27811"City of Mercy"Stephen CraggDavid Zabel & Lisa ZwerlingDecember 7, 2006 (2006-12-07)2T781112.02[12]
It is Christmas in the ER. Kovač and Abby, as Rudolph and his elf, visit pediatrics, while Morris learns the meaning of Christmas when he plays Santa to a special girl. Ames takes action that creates tension between Kovač and Abby, leading Kovač to make a heartfelt confession. Teller returns, sending Gates and Ray on a mission, while Neela oversees an unusual kidney transplant case. Sam and Ben take a stand when a patient is dumped in an alley by Mercy Hospital. Morris gets an offer from Hope he can't refuse, but somehow does.
27912"Breach of Trust"Skipp SudduthJanine Sherman BarroisJanuary 4, 2007 (2007-01-04)2T781210.93[13]
Budget cuts force Kovač to make a difficult personnel decision. As word gets around the ER, emotions run high, and the affected staffer makes a last stand. Abby wonders if Kovač is keeping a secret. Pratt's efforts at community service lead to an unanticipated turn of events. Gates' home life intrudes on the ER, affecting Neela. Morris' missing credit card has Sam concerned.
28013"A House Divided"Andrew BernsteinR. Scott GemmillJanuary 11, 2007 (2007-01-11)2T781312.18[14]

Gary Sutton, a man whose son and stepson were injured in a snowmobiling accident, argues with the doctors when it is clear he favors his natural son's well-being over his stepson's especially since he thinks the accident was his stepson's fault; Ray puts him in his place once the truth is revealed. Meanwhile, Pratt is under investigation for his relationship to a church medical clinic, and Weaver accepts a job in Florida after almost being fired from County due to budget cuts, saying her farewells to Abby, Ray, Morris and Luka. Abby's friend from Ike's, whom Kovač is growing suspicious of, turns out to be her estranged father; Abby refuses to talk with him, and takes Joe home to find an unpleasant surprise...

NOTE: This is the final regular appearance of Dr. Kerry Weaver.
28114"Murmurs of the Heart"Christopher ChulackDavid ZabelFebruary 1, 2007 (2007-02-01)2T781411.79[15]
Curtis Ames has broken in and threatens Abby and baby Joe with a gun, telling her to call Kovač immediately. Pratt has been arrested for his involvement in the church's medical clinic. Kovač is trying to bail him out of jail but leaves when Abby calls him. Ames forces Kovač to leave with him when Kovač returns home, pistol-whipping him and mangling his hand in a vise. Abby contacts the police, who begin trying to locate Ames and Kovač in Ames' car. Sam's Grandmother Gracie and a friend named Ben are visiting when a fire breaks out in the building. Ben and Gracie get out but Sam and Alex are trapped in the building. Gates gets a frantic call from Sarah, who tells him her mother has overdosed; when he finds them, Meg privately tells him he is Sarah's father. Despite Gates' efforts, Meg dies. Kovač and Ames are eventually surrounded by police on an abandoned building and Kovač finally gives Ames what he wanted all along-- an apology. Ames points the gun at Luka, but then kills himself instead; Abby runs to Luka and hugs him.
28215"Dying is Easy"Tawnia McKiernanJanine Sherman BarroisFebruary 8, 2007 (2007-02-08)2T781511.53[16]
Morris is given a paper from upstairs and goes to Pratt, who is working with Hope and Gates on a young girl high on some drug, and tells Pratt that the Medical Board suspended Pratt's license so he can't work at County anymore. Pastor Watkins surprises Pratt and the board by showing up with the congregation to speak on Pratt's behalf. Hope also comes to support Pratt. Pratt and the group are dismayed then relieved when the board comes back with their decision. Ray and Neela spend time together getting coffee and talking about work. Sam is reluctant to get involved with Ben. Patients include a little boy with possible head lice, a stand up comedian diagnosed with leukemia, a man who suffered severe burns while trying to cremate his cat on the stove, a young woman high on drugs, and an overweight woman in her thirties who met a man online and later in real life then tripped on a fire hydrant while running after him when he stuck her with the bill. Kovac returns to work despite his injured hand, and Abby asks him to propose to her again.
28316"Crisis of Conscience"Steve ShillLisa ZwerlingFebruary 15, 2007 (2007-02-15)2T781611.60[17]
Sam is overworked because some nurses are sick, others on vacation, etc. Gates and Kovač treat Anna Hayes (guest star Sean Young) who is vomiting and has an altered mental status. Sam is angry when a cop drops Alex at the ER after he stole quarters from a laundromat. Neela finds out unethical business is going on with the transplant program and blows the whistle on it. Ratings: 11.5 million viewers [1]
28417"From Here to Paternity"Lesli Linka GlatterVirgil WilliamsFebruary 22, 2007 (2007-02-22)2T781710.00[18]
Sam is not in a good mood because of Alex. She is thinking of sending him away at a school for at-risk teens. Kovač, Morris, and Sam treat Mario Dustin, a 42-year-old ex-con who has been shot in the chest, along with Donnie, another injured man, and Mario's son Junior. Ray treats a man with a broken nose.
28518"Photographs and Memories"Stephen CraggKaren MaserApril 12, 2007 (2007-04-12)2T78189.24[19]
Kovač, Abby, Pratt, Morris, and the team treat the victims of collision between a big-rig and family car, including the wife of the truck driver and the son of the car's driver. Sam celebrates her birthday in the ER as she cares for a photographer (Annabella Sciorra) who changes her outlook on life. Neela and Ray share some subtle signals. Gates is shadowed by a medical student who notices his errors. Wedding plans continue as Luka and Abby try to decide where to be married, but someone else is handling the bachelor party.
28619"Family Business"Richard ThorpeJoe SachsApril 19, 2007 (2007-04-19)2T78199.31[20]
While taking a self defense class, Sam hurts the teacher's knee. Kovač and Gates treat a patient whose father has Alzheimer's disease and he can't remember the loss of his son, which bring memories back to Kovač. Meanwhile, Abby becomes slightly paranoid about Joe's health when he catches a virus. Pratt tries to reconnect with his brother and tries to fix things, learning that Chaz is looking at a potential career in the paramedic department- which leads Pratt to ask Gates for advice. Gates and Sarah find out the truth about Gates' paternity test.
28720"Lights Out"Terrence NightingallJanine Sherman BarroisApril 26, 2007 (2007-04-26)2T78209.52[21]
A photographer named Diana goes back to the ER and notifies Sam that her cancer is spreading. Kovač needs to relocate all the staff to different departments of the hospital since the ER is forced to close. Chaz suffers alcohol poisoning after he gets initiated by his EMT coworkers. Gates' father takes Sarah out to watch a movie and when they come back, Gates realizes that his dad has been drinking, which prompts Gates to pack his father's things and ask him to leave; they later get into a fistfight. Also, Kovač decides that he only wants to be a doctor and resigns as ER Chief.
28821"I Don't"Andrew BernsteinDavid ZabelMay 3, 2007 (2007-05-03)2T78217.78[22]
The ER staff and other hospital personnel arrive at a mandatory department dinner, only to find to their surprise - including Abby's - that Kovač, with Hope's aid, has planned his wedding to Abby that night. After first balking at the idea, Abby agrees and the wedding takes place. When Morris points out to Hope that Kovač and Abby will not be using their honeymoon suite, Hope suggests that the two of them use it. Neela suffers through a strange night, attracting the romantic interest of Gates, Ray, her supervisor Dubenko, and a young (female) medical student. Ray, frustrated by Neela's indecision in choosing between himself and Gates, gets drunk and provokes Gates into a fight, resulting in both of them being thrown out. While Morris reprimands Gates for his behavior, Ray goes to a bar to continue drinking. Neela breaks up with Gates and calls Ray; as Ray drunkenly crosses the street to answer the call, he is hit by a truck.
28922"Sea Change"Laura InnesLisa ZwerlingMay 10, 2007 (2007-05-10)2T78229.39[23]
The ER reopens with apparently very few changes made. Kovač and Abby celebrate their first few days as a married couple and prepare for their honeymoon. Hope and Morris are still spending time in the honeymoon suite, and Morris is trying desperately to keep it up, feeling that it is his only chance to keep up their relationship. Pratt is incensed by his first meeting with ICU chief Dr. Kevin Moretti, who criticizes ER procedures. Dubenko orders Crenshaw to perform an audit to cut down on post-operative infections, so Crenshaw orders Neela to move a patient from post-op to ICU before Neela feels the patient is ready. The patient crashes and suffers possible brain damage, leading Moretti to share with Neela his desire to improve the overall working of the hospital to prevent needless deaths. Neela is looking for Ray; she visits his apartment and finds that his fish are dead. Hope tells Morris not to worry about their relationship. Gates talks to a lawyer who tells him that he stands a good chance to keep custody of Sarah; Sarah tells Gates that she wants to stay with him. Kovač receives a phone call from Croatia. Moretti accepts the position as ER Chief.
29023"The Honeymoon Is Over"Christopher ChulackR. Scott Gemmill & David ZabelMay 17, 2007 (2007-05-17)2T78239.51[24]

The new Chief of Emergency Medicine Kevin Moretti (Stanley Tucci) makes an immediate impact on the ER on his first day, letting the doctors know that things are going to be different from now on; his point is especially made clear to several of the doctors, particularly Abby. Meanwhile, Kovač announces he is leaving the ER to travel to Croatia to be with his ailing father. Gates loses his bid to get custody of Sarah (her grandparents arrive with legal documents demanding custody); he is left to assure a tearful Sarah that he will see her as often as he can. A drug-addicted Iraq War veteran turns out to have been an interpreter at torture sessions. Neela finally receives a call from a missing Ray's cell phone. She goes to see him in a hospital, only to find that he has had both of his legs amputated due to his accident. After Ray's mother takes him home to Baton Rouge, Ray's ex-girlfriend Katie tells Neela that the accident was Neela's fault. Neela is attending an anti-war rally when demonstrators begin clashing with war supporters; a smoke grenade goes off and Gates – who is trying to get back with Neela – arrives just in time to be met by a stampeding crowd whilst Neela is being trampled by fleeing protesters.

NOTE: This is the final regular appearance of Dr. Ray Barnett and Dr. Luka Kovač.


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