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Ezz Steel is the largest steel company in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa Region.[1] Ezz Steel has its head office is in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Garden City, Greater Cairo.[2]

Ezz Steel is listed on the Egyptian Exchange under the ticker symbol "ESRS".[3] and has GDRs listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "AEZD".[4]

Ezz Steel holds a 55% stake Al-Ezz Dekheila Steel Co. (EZDK, Arabic: العز الدخيلة للصلب - الاسكندرية‎‎) in Alexandria, a 64% direct and indirect stake in Al-Ezz Flat Steel Company (EFS) in Suez and a 99% of Al-Ezz Rolling Mills Company (ERM) in 10th of Ramadan City.[5]

The Alexandria Company was established in the 1982 and started production at 1986. The old name for the company was Alexandria National Iron and Steel Company, ANSDK. The company was owned by a group of banks and petroleum companies as well as a Japanese consortium.[6]

Ezz Steel operates four steel plants in Alexandria, Sadat City, Suez, and 10th of Ramadan City. In addition, its mother company holds the majority stake in Al-Ezz Ceramics and Porcelain Company which produces ceramic and porcelain tiles under the brand name "GEMMA" and "Al-Jawhara" .

Ezz Steel is ranked 87th of the world biggest steel producers as per the 2015 World Steel Association Ranking with total production capacity of 3.2 million tons per year (2015), representing more than half of Egypt total annual production of 6 million tons.

Ahmed Ezz was the Chairman and Managing Director of EZDK,As he submitted his resignation in 2011 after 25 January Revolution. Mr Farouk Zaki Ibrahim is the current Chairman of EZDK.

Paul Chekaiban is the current Chairman and Managing Director of Ezz Steel.

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