Earth pyramids of Ritten

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The earth pyramids of Ritten

The earth pyramids of Ritten (German: Erdpyramiden am Ritten; Italian: Piramidi di terra del Renon [piˈraːmidi di ˈtɛrra del reˈnon]) are a natural monument that is located on the Ritten, a plateau not far from Bozen in northern Italy. The earth pyramids of South Tyrol are a fairly widespread phenomenon which are existing in various locations.

Another view of the Pyramids of the Ritten towards Mittelberg

The original name in this area for these earth pyramids is Lahntürme, i.e. landslide towers.[1] They are rather unusual formations of their kind which originate from morainic rocks of glacial origin. The columns of the pyramids may be more or less elongated, and the higher they are the thinner they get, ending usually with a stone cover. These earth pyramids are not static, they are constantly evolving, because their life cycle foresees a continuous erosion, or even a final collapse leaving room for new formations.

In South Tyrol there are other natural monuments like this such as the earth pyramids of Platten, but the ones of Ritten are considered the parents of them all.


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