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This article is about a folklore belief and pseudoscience . For real radiation from earth, see Outgoing longwave radiation.

Earth radiation, e-rays, or earth rays,[1] (cf. German Erdstrahlung) are a supposed form of radiation, emitted outwards from the earth, possibly from (or diffracted by) water veins, ostensibly only detectable by means of dowsing.

There are various folklore beliefs that hold that lines of energy on the surface of Earth that can affect health, for example, feng shui and mana. The idea was revived by several Western writers and researchers such as Carl Reichenbach (Odic force), Alfred Watkins (Ley lines), Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, Manfred Curry and Ernst Hartmann. They described a mystic force field affecting the health of living creatures that supposedly covers the Earth at regular intervals and may be detected by using a divining rod. This belief is especially common in Germany and Scandinavia. The vast majority of scholars in geophysics believe that the theory of Earth radiation is nothing but pseudoscience or even a hoax.[2][3][4]

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