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Developer(s)Extremely OK Games
Publisher(s)Extremely OK Games
ReleaseLater than 2024 (Later than 2024)[1]
Genre(s)Action, platform

Earthblade is an upcoming Metroidvania platform video game by Extremely OK Games.


Earthblade is a two-dimensional exploration-action platform game. The player controls the character Névoa, who has recently returned to a ruined Earth, as they explore the world, dash between platforms, climb terrain, and fight enemies. It is drawn in a pixel art style.[2][3]


Extremely OK Games first announced Earthblade in April 2021[4] and had begun playtesting by April of the next year.[5] The developer Maddy Thorson shared the first footage of Earthblade at The Game Awards 2022. Earthblade's genre and art style is similar to her 2018 Celeste.[3] It does not have a planned release date, but it's expected to release after 2024.[1]


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