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EasyOffice was an office suite for Microsoft Windows developed by E-Press corporation that came in two versions:

  • EasyOffice Freeware, free for non-commercial personal use. It was featured in Maximum PC magazine as the second best alternative for Microsoft Office in 2004.
  • EasyOffice Premium, consists of EasyOffice Freeware plus a PDF Filter and EasyAntiVirus, an antivirus program

EasyOffice has been replaced with the another suite, simply called One. The company's former website (www.e-press.com) is now a parked domain.

Included applications[edit]

  • EasyWord with PDF Filter (DOC, RTF, HTML, and PDF files)
  • EasyMail integrated with CRM, EasySchedule, EasyCRM, high-speed Anti-Spam
  • EasySpreadsheet (XLS files); EasyPresentation (PowerPoint-like presentations)
  • EasyDictionary (full-reference dictionary)
  • EasyBookKeeper (accounting)
  • EasyPad (Notepad replacement)
  • Easy Contact Manager (hot lists, mass e-mails, form letters)
  • EasySpeaker (reads docs and e-mails out loud)
  • EasyZip (full-fledged zipping/unzipping program)
  • EasyHelper
  • EasyImage
  • EasyDatabase
  • EasyCalculator
  • EasyCalendar
  • EasyBackup

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