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Alexa rank Negative increase 18,834,058 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial Yes
Current status Defunct

Ecocho was a search engine with the aim of offsetting carbon emissions by donating 70% of revenues to 'carbon offset credits'.[2] The site launched on 14 April 2008.

It is owned by the Found Agency, a search engine optimisation company.[3]

The Ecocho search is powered by Yahoo! after a termination of their account with Google.

For every 1,000 searches, Ecocho claims that 1 ton of greenhouse gases are offset through the planting of trees. However, the precise amount is not given, nor are the number of searches performed on the site. Rather, the website maintains a tally of trees planted and of kilograms of CO2 offset.

Google Violations[edit]

On 22 April 2008, Ecocho was informed by Google that they would be denied the use of Google's search technologies for multiple past violations of Google's policies.[3][4] The issue has been discussed on the Ecocho blog.[5] The mixed reactions from users can be seen in the blog comments, some taking further action by complaining to Google, and others agreeing with Google.

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