Eddy Arnold Time

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Eddy Arnold Time
Eddy Arnold Time.jpg
Betty Johnson and the Gordonaires with Eddy Arnold as themselves in the episode, "Sunday at Home"
Genre Musical
Written by Ben Park
Directed by Ben Park
Starring Eddy Arnold
Betty Johnson
The Gordonaires
Opening theme "Bouquet of Roses"
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Joe Csida
Producer(s) Ben Park
Location(s) Kling Studios, Chicago
Cinematography Robert Sable
Haskell Wexler
Editor(s) Richard Hertel
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 30 minutes (26 minutes excluding ads)
Production company(s) Csida-Grean Associates
Eddy Arnold Enterprises
Distributor Walter Schwimmer, Inc.
Original network First-run syndication
Picture format Black-and-white
35mm film
Audio format Monaural
Original release January 1, 1955 (1955-01-01) – October 1957 (1957-10)

Eddy Arnold Time is an American musical television series syndicated to local stations from 1955 through 1957. The show consisted of 26 half-hour filmed episodes starring Eddy Arnold in different roles within a musical narrative. Arnold portrayed, among others, a lumberjack, a traveling salesman, a cowboy, a pet shop owner, himself, and even Stephen Foster.[1]

Production and cast[edit]

Produced, directed and written by Chicago NBC veteran Ben Park, the series featured Betty Johnson, who usually played Arnold's romantic interest; and in supporting roles, the Jordanaires, using the name Gordonaires. A promotional booklet for the program explained that the group used the name Jordanaires "only for their recordings."[1] The more complete explanation is that it legally protected the producers in case the group, which owned the name Jordanaires, left the program prematurely. For this show, the group was composed of Hoyt Hawkins, Hugh Jarett, Neal Matthews, Jr. and Gordon Stoker. Guitarist Hank Garland and Roy Wiggins (steel guitar) also made occasional appearances. A young Ed Asner appeared in one episode.[2]

The producers termed the program, filmed at Kling Studios in Chicago, Illinois, a TV filmusical. Production began in October 1954; it was among the earliest syndicated American TV programs. Although popular in some small markets, it suffered from uninspired performances and storylines, a poor soundtrack and inadequate marketing.[3]

In 1959, episodes were edited together with segments from The Old American Barn Dance and Jimmy Dean's Town and Country Time (a local Washington, D.C. program) and syndicated by producer Bernard L. Schubert under the title, Your Musical Jamboree.[2]

Episodes (22 of 26)[edit]

  • "Poor Lonesome Cowboys"
  • "The Bayou Baby and the Traveling Salesman"
  • "At the Logging Camp"
  • "On a Picnic"
  • "The Deacon's Hoedown"
  • "At a Canteen"
  • "The 'Come as You Are' Party"
  • "The Birthday Party Rehearsal"
  • "Sunday at Home"
  • "The Last of the Bad Men"
  • "An Old Fashioned Melodrama"
  • "Gamblers, Gunmen and Sasparilla"
  • "Discovery in a Pet Shop"
  • "Wedding Day"
  • "At the Church Social"
  • "The Stephen Foster Story"
  • "Reminiscing in a Record Shop"
  • "'Round the Merry-go-round"
  • "The Pioneers Head West"
  • "Dr. Eddy's Medicine Show"
  • "Found: Two Lost Lovers"
  • "At the Country Store"
  • "The Cornhusking Bee"
  • "The Railroaders' Surprise"


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