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Edmonton South was a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada, in operation for the 1913 and 1917 provincial elections. The old constituency of Strathcona, centering on the old City of Strathcona, was renamed Edmonton South prior to the 1913 election, due to the merger of Strathcona and Edmonton, Alberta. The adjacent Edmonton constituency elected two MLAs in 1913.

The constituency of Strathcona had elected A.C. Rutherford, Alberta's first premier, to be its MLA in 1905 and 1909, but Rutherford resigned as premier and was not re-elected in 1913 when he ran in Edmonton South, being replaced by Conservative H.H. Crawford, a Whyte Avenue merchant. A similar surprise occurred in 1989, again in southside Edmonton, when sitting premier Don Getty, the MLA for Edmonton-Whitemud, was defeated in 1989.

The Edmonton South constituency merged with Edmonton West, and Edmonton East, to form the multi-member Edmonton provincial constituency.

Election Results 1913 - 1917[edit]

1917 Results 1913 Results
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Affiliation Candidate Votes %
  Conservative Herbert Crawford 2,761 55.90%      Conservative Herbert Crawford 1,523 54.43%
  Liberal R.B. Douglas 2,178 44.10% Liberal Alexander Rutherford 1,275 45.57%

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