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Edmundo Murray (b. 1955 in Buenos Aires), is a writer, born in a family with Argentine, Colombian, Irish and Swiss origins.


Edmundo Murray studied in Argentina, the United States and Switzerland. PhD literature from University of Zurich (Romanisches Seminar), M.A. University of Geneva. Editor at WTO Publications, the in-house publisher of the World Trade Organization. Author of "Devenir irlandés: Narrativas íntimas de la emigración irlandesa a la Argentina 1844-1912" (Buenos Aires: Eudeba, 2004), which has been published in English as "Becoming Irlandés: Private Narratives of the Irish Emigration to Argentina 1844-1912" (Buenos Aires: L.O.L.A. Literature of Latin America, 2006), "Becoming gauchos ingleses: Diasporic Models in Irish-Argentine Literature" (Palo Alto: Academica Press, 2009), "Centre William Rappard: Home of the World Trade Organization, Geneva" (Geneva: WTO, 2011), with Joëlle Kuntz, also published in French and Spanish. "Intégration régionale en Afrique de l´Ouest: Dynamiques socio-historiques, Stratégies des Acteurs et Contributions des Chercheurs (Praia: West Africa Institute, 2014), with Abdarahmane Ngaïdé, Kalie Sillah, Bio Goura Soule, and Olumuyiwa Alaba. As editor, he has published "Symphony of Flavors: Food and Music in Concert" (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015). Advisory Board member and contributor to "Ireland and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History" (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2008). Lecturer and frequent contributor of articles in cultural history, regional cultural integration, and in Irish and Latin American studies. Founding Member of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies, and member of Sociedad Suiza de Estudios Hispánicos and the Société Suisse des Américanistes. Founder and first editor of "Irish Migration Studies in Latin America", a journal focusing on relations between Ireland and Latin America. Visiting professor at University of Cape Verde. Research consultant of the West Africa Institute. Poet and a short-story writer, published "Poemas Nómades" (1999) and "Taxonomía Fantástica de los Árboles de Buenos Aires" (2000). Married to Estelle Varanguien de Villepin, father of five, lives near Geneva, Switzerland.

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