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Education for Ministry (EfM) is a program of theological education-at-a-distance which originated at the University of the South School of Theology, while Urban Tigner Holmes III was dean,[1] drawing on the work of the Jesuit Bernard Longeran.[2] It was previously known as Theological Education by Extension (TEE).[3] While the program is not exclusive to the Episcopal Church, it is mainly found in parishes of that church. It is a four-year program covering the Old and New Testament, ecclesiastical history, and theology. Participants receive 18 continuing education units from the University of the South for each year's work. Persons seeking either ordained or lay ministries may enroll.[4]

It is used in many dioceses of the Anglican Communion in North America and throughout the world (students are active in Australia, Central America, Europe, New Zealand, South America and the United Kingdom, as well as Canada and the US), from progressive to traditional, and Anglo-Catholic to evangelical,[citation needed] including Southern Ohio (Cincinnati),[5] Massachusetts (Boston),[6] Springfield, Illinois,[7] Canada,[8] Central Pennsylvania,[9] and Albany, New York.[10]


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