Eigen Kweek

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Eigen Kweek
Country of origin Belgium
Original language(s) West Flemish
Original network Eén

Eigen Kweek is a Belgian television series on the Belgian channel Eén. In the television show, a local Belgian potato farmer lost all his money and tries to win it back by growing cannabis. The main language in the series is Dutch (Flemish). More specifically West Flemish, a dialect in the province of West-Flanders.

However, as the farmers have Filipine wives, the locals also speak English with a very strong Flemish accent during the show.

Series overview[edit]

  1. Een Interessante Investering (An Interesting Investment)
  2. Mijn Ma Was Mee (My Mother Came Along)
  3. Operatie Plukketuffers (Operation Bud-tokers)
  4. What Is That With The Washing Machine
  5. Tot 7x70 maal (For 7x70 times)
  6. En geen flikken! (And No Cops!)