Eight Step Rail

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Eight Step Rail
EP by The Superjesus
Released May 1996
Genre Post-grunge, rock

Eight Step Rail is the debut EP by Australian rock band The Superjesus in May 1996. The track I'm Stained was later re-recorded for their debut album, Sumo. A re-recorded version of Shut My Eyes was also later included as a hidden track on Sumo.

The big guitar sounds are yet another use of the infamous Sansamp from Tech 21. After the engineer (Mick Wordley of Mixmasters Studios in Adelaide, Australia) spent a day trying to get a big sound out of Marshall stacks, he couldn't go past the sound the band had achieved by direct injecting a Sansamp into their Fostex recorder[citation needed].

Track listing[edit]

  1. Ground
  2. Shut My Eyes
  3. I'm Stained
  4. Glazed
  5. Strips Of You