Elections in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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Elections in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon gives information on election and election results in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Presidential elections[edit]

Electors from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon vote in all French Presidential Elections

Member of the National Assembly[edit]

Elections are held at the same time as in France. The current deputy is Annick Girardin, affiliated with the Left Radical Party in the National Assembly. She was first elected in 2007.

Member of the Senate[edit]

Senators are only elected by a small college of electors, delegates of the General Council of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and delegates of the two Municipal Councils. The current Senator is Karin Claireaux. who is also the Mayor of St Pierre


General Council[edit]

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon elects on territorial level a legislature. The General Council (Conseil Général) has 19 members, elected for a six-year term in single-seat constituencies Saint-Pierre and Miquelon has a multi-party system, with numerous parties.

Elections are held in two stages. The first stage (Premier tour) is open to all candidates and the majority of seats can only be given out if a political group achieves true majority at the ballot box. If no majority is attained on this ballot, a second ballot is held the following Sunday. On the second ballot (Second tour), only a relative majority is necessary to obtain 11 out of the 19 seats. The rest of the seats (save 4 for Miquelon) are distributed through a system of proportional representation.

Latest elections[edit]

e • d Summary of the March 2006 General Council of Saint Pierre and Miquelon election results
Votes % 1st round Seats
Archipelago Tomorrow (Archipel demain) 2,045 66.22 16
Road to the Future (Cap sur l'avenir) 939 30.41 2
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Together (SPM ensemble) 104 3.37 1
Total   19
Source: Wikipedia

Municipal Elections[edit]

Both municipalities have elected councils

Past elections and referendums[edit]

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