Aragonese Corts election, 1983

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The Elections to the Aragonese Corts, 1983 were the first democratic elections to the Aragonese Corts, the Argonese regional parliament, in Spain since the death of the dictator Franco and were held on 8 May of that year. The elections were held using closed list proportional representation in three electoral districts corresponding to each of the three Provinces of Aragon. Seats were allocated on a Provincial basis using the D'Hondt method of allocation. Only lists which polled at least 3% of the total votes in a particular province (including votes "en blanco" i.e. for "none of the above") were eligible for seats in that province. With a total number of 66 seats, Zaragoza elected 32 members, Huesca 18 and Teruel 16.

The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) won the elections winning exactly half the seats[1][2] and the Corts in turn elected the socialist Santiago Marraco as the first democratically elected President of Aragon. Out of a total of 919,295 voters, the turnout was 604,730 or 66.71% of the total.


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Party Votes  % Seats
PSOE 283,226 47.13 33
Popular Alliance - Democratic Popular Party - Liberal Party 136,853 22.77 18
Aragonese Party 124,018 20.64 13
Communist Party of Spain 23,960 3.99 1
Democratic and Social Centre 19,902 3.31 1
Others 12,941 2.15

Additionally 3,830 (0.6%) votes were cast “en blanco” i.e. for “none of the above.”