Communist Party of Aragon (1980)

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Communist Party of Aragon
Partido Comunista de Aragón
Founded 1980 (1980)
Dissolved 1984 (1984)
Newspaper Ofensiva
Ideology Communism
Political position Radical left
National affiliation Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Aragon (in Spanish: Partido Comunista de Aragón or PCA), was a political party in Aragon, Spain. The PCA was an orthodox splintergroup of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). They broke from the PCE in 1980. In 1984 PCA merged into the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE), and was hence known as PCA-PC.

PCA-PC no longer exists.

Elections results[edit]

and date
% province
of Zaragoza
Aragonese parliamentary election, 1983 1,285 0.31 0.21
Local elections
Spanish municipal elections, 1983 830 0.14