Electoral district of South Launceston

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The Electoral district of South Launceston, sometimes referred to as Launceston South, was an electoral district of the Tasmanian House of Assembly. It was based in Tasmania's second city, Launceston, and the surrounding rural area.

The seat was created as a single-member seat ahead of the 1871 election following the dissolution of the multi-member Launceston seat. In 1886, it became a two-member seat, and at the 1897 election, it was abolished when the Launceston seat was recreated under a trial of the Hare-Clark model.

Members for South Launceston[edit]

Single member: 1871–1886

Member Term
Thomas Thomas 1871–1872
James Castley 1872–1874
John Balfe 1874–1877
Samuel Tulloch 1877–1878
James Scott 1878–1884
William Hartnoll 1884–1886

Two member: 1886–1897

Member 1 Term Member 2 Term
David Scott 1886–1891 William Hartnoll 1886–1897
Samuel Sutton 1891–1897